Cheap vs. Expensive Tires


What is a tire? For most vehicles, it’s simply a rubber fitting to cover a wheel, helping the vehicle to function better. That is, until you purchase a cheap tire – then it’s an accident waiting to happen and a major hassle (not to mention expense) to replace. When it comes to tires, you get what you pay for, which is why you should never skimp on quality. After all, your hobbies, adventurous side and life depend on it.

Cheap vs. Expensive Tires
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What Does a Tire Do?

Tires help in various ways, whether they’re on a car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle or sports vehicle.

• Help with better braking
• Provide a surface that can grip the road
• Give the vehicle traction, particularly on wet roads
• Allow for better steering control
• Provide a cushion between the road and the car
• Make for a smooth ride

Not Every Tire is Created Equal

Not sure what type of tire you need for your vehicle? It’s no wonder – there are so many different shapes, sizes and price ranges for tires that it can be confusing to figure out which one is right for you. Staying on top of the industry, such as by following the UTV news blog and other sources, will help you to determine which type of tire is the most reliable. Plus, you have to research what types of tires are best for your particular needs – not everybody needs tires that are capable of doing a million things!

This best All Terrain truck tires guide may help you a lot to take the decision about truck tires and all terrain VS all season truck tires.

Cheap Tires vs. Expensive Tires

Whenever possible, always invest in pricier tires – you’ll get out of them what you pay for them. However, if the choice is between cheap tires or not getting new tires at all, err on the side of cheap. The quality will be low, but even the cheapest new tires are safer than riding on old, worn out tires that don’t have any tread left. Old tires can also thin out, which increases the chances of them popping while you’re driving.

Finding Quality Tires at Affordable Prices

There’s a difference between cheap quality tires and high quality tires with an affordable price tag. If a deal is too good to be true, it probably is; however, some sellers offer highly rated tires at reduced prices. Do your homework – read reviews online of both the tires and the shop selling them, then compare price points to determine what type of deal you’re really getting.