Caterham x 3 Seven Options for 2015

Caterham is not the company to remain behind big names like Mercedes or Cadillac, so it has reinveted itself in the coolest possible way. By upgrading the three Seven models known to the wide public as Superlight, Supersport and Roadsport.

Caterham’s plan is to come up with 2 performance packs for every model. Thus, clients will have the chance to spec the basic model of the car with an S or an R package. For the moment there aren’t many details about the type of modifications brought in by these packages but chassis modfications are expected.


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About the Caterham Seven

Colin Chapman is the genius that designed the Seven, launched in 1957. Lead by Lotus’ iconic figure, the Seven became a very popular sports car known around the world. Caterham began this project in 1973 and added many modifications down the road, the latest ones being related to technological improvements and powerful engines.

In Europe, this line of cars is made out of 6 models: Suzuki-160, Roadsport, Supersport, Superlight, Seven CSR and 620R (the fastest road car).

However, those in the US are not as lucky because their first 2 new models will be available starting with 2015. But it is worth the wait for the 360 model with 180-HP that costs $44,900 and for the 480 model with 237 HP and a selling price of $52,900. These will replace the Supersport (140/180 HP) and the Superlight (210 HP) models.


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The 3rd option is still a guess but most chances go on the Seven 280 (140HP) that is meant to replace the Roadsport (125/140 HP) version.

Apparently, 2015 will be a good and promising year. Let’s see what new and exciting concepts we will come across!

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