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Power with Hennessey Z700


Porsche customers who want something more “hard” can opt for 911 GT2 or GT3 RS, passionate for the Viper ACR model … but what happens to owners who will ZR1 something more extreme? Response was given by the Americans Hennessey: Z700. The new model will be manufactured in only 24 copies and will benefit from […]

Pink Pagani Zonda S

Why would someone paint a supercar that exclusive as Pagani Zonda S in pink? Well, the answer is simple because it can. 🙂 And another thing, this “Barbie” Zonda was in Singapore. Pink Pagani Zonda S

Gold plated roofs

For those that love gold cars but not the whole car, there is a solution, a London company called Alchemist, specialized in making gold-24 k roofs. Price starts at 12,500 pounds sterling and every roof is signed and numbered and the customer receives a certificate of authenticity. And if the roof plated with gold is […]

Vilner is Not Only for Cars, Says Ducati Monster!

Who said tuning is only for cars? Let’s get out of the routine for a while and check out this fabulous motor. Ducati Monster 1100 EVO together with Vilner gathered around a super tuning project. Similar to the BMW F800 R motorcycle tuned by the same company, this Ducati will feature new aluminum on the […]

Fiery Red for Scion tC 8.0!

It is time to show some details from the life of the beautiful Scion 2013 tC 8.0 whose pricing just became available. First, lets see what this Scion gives us and then we will talk pricing. We get 18-inch alloy wheels, a beautiful body kit inspired by Troy Sumitomo of Five Axis (includes a rear […]

SR Auto Group and Scion iQ

When a good tuning company marks a new project you can tell. You absolutely can distinguish a good job from a poor or even average one, in any circumstances. And this can be seen in the case of SR Auto Group which put its print on the Scion iQ, also known as Project Pryzm. “The […]

McLaren MP4 is Diabolical!

The guys from Wheelsandmore are simply diabolical! Their new project is based on the McLaren MP4-12C and is called Diabolical Toxique Evil.Brilliant choice for a name! And what great improvements have been added:the 3.9-liter twin turbo V8 engine went rapidly from 592 HP to 666 horsepower and the torque was raised to 472 lb-ft from […]

Where to find tuned cars for sale?

Tuning a car is an art that requires maximum attention and dedication. When this sort of subject comes into your mind is obvious that a personal input is needed in order to prove your abilities. So “shopping” from a site that displays all kinds of cars for sale sounds a bit strange. However, it remains […]

Daihatsu is present at the Tokyo Motor Show

Santa Claus brings those who have been good all year something that they will definitely be grateful for: the 42nd edition of Tokyo Motor Show. This amazing show will be held at the Tokyo Big Sight starting from December 3rd until December  11th. One of the lucky participants is the famous Japanese brand, Daihatsu Motor […]

The weirdest tuned cars

When talking about tuning we all think about strong, sporty cars that can take your breath away every time you see them and most of all impress the galls. But because diversity is the key of life, not every tuned car looks alike. You will convince yourself of this when you see the following pictures. […]

Who is Miss Tuning 2011?

Imagine a competition that brings together beautiful women and gorgeous cars! This is actually possible and Mandy Lange is the living example of what the passion for cars can do to you. At the Germany’s Tuning World Bodensee  she won the title of Miss Tuning 2011 . From a number of 500 applicants, the 23 […]

$500,000 Gold-plated custom chopper

Take a look at this gold-plated custom chopper that is estimated to carry a maddening tag of $500,000! Exhibited at an International Motocycle show in Seattle, this ornamented two- wheeler is more a piece of art than an actual vehicle. If you are wondering that why would some one want to ride it…..then lemme ask, […]