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Why The Toyota Prius 2017 Is A Must Buy


There have been scenes in a few movies over the past few years where a particular type of car has been the butt of many jokes. It’s the humble Toyota Prius. On the face of it, this innovative car is hardly a show stealer, but when we focus on the car – we come to […]

Go to an endless fun-filled family day with Fortuner 2.7 SRZ

Fortuner 4x4

Your car is an extension of home for your family — a place where we revisit our days, eat on-the-go meals, travel the local park or the majestic Malaysian outback to spend quality time together. What better way to do it than with the new Fortuner? Toyota was the first to introduce vehicles of this […]

Toyota Etios Cross test drive is a must for gutsy Indians

Do you remember Cross Polo? No, you don’t? Well, the Cross Polo is Volkswagen Polo with premium price tag and lots of meaningless plastic bits. Taking clues form Cross Polo; Toyota used the sedate looking Toyota Etios Liva, placed it on steroid cycle, slapped lot of SUV type’s bits and presented the Etios Cross. With […]

Top Toyota Tuning Tips Everyone Should Know!


We all know that Toyota cars are some of the most-reliable autos in the world. The Japanese firm spends billions of dollars ensuring that the cars they build won’t fall apart on you. Even when there are problems, their recall programs take care of things with no inconvenience to car owners. Despite that peace of […]

The Toyota Land Cruiser


Are you looking for Toyota Land Cruiser sales because you simply want to get the car that you love for less? Maybe you are on a tight budget, but you do not want to buy a different vehicle because you know that only this one is going to give you exactly what you want. You will not […]

Hamer Toyota – Drive smooth with Toyota Prius


The USA has the greatest concentration of SUV, car, trucks, and other large autos our roads than any nations on earth. The recent fall in fuel prices, thousands of vehicle mission hills drivers that will be hitting the highway for function during the festive event. For as long as fuel prices higher remains low, there […]

Price Comparison Car Toyota with Cars Competitors Others


From press reports to statistics, the cost of owning a Toyota has been shown repeatedly to be among the best. This combines the price, the car’s repair records, the car’s fuel economy, the car’s resale value, and the projected length of time that the Toyota will be usable. For some, that’s as long as 20 […]

Toyota Land Cruiser – a Real Friend in Need


In today’s day and age, having a car that can be comfortable, cheap and fully equipped is a necessity to everyone. Cars have passed the idea of luxury and have become a necessary tool for the modern man. Without a car, the chances to do everything on time in just 24 hours are incredibly slim. […]

The Car of Your Dreams is No Longer a Dream


Living in Australia, cars are almost a necessity to travel from one place to another, especially if public transport doesn’t adequately cover your intended route. Most people that opt to owning their own vehicles find it a life changing experience, benefiting from saving time and money to get places. For most prospective buyers, a car […]

Toyota Scion iQ


Scion, Toyota Division dedicated to customers in the U.S. has created a concept called IQ or that wants a competitor on the U.S. and other vehicles such as young and lovely Cube Nissan and Kia Soul. Based on the compact car but small IQ Toyota, Scion seems a little more thunderous, both externally and externally, […]

Saucy Spy Shots With Toyota Auris 2014

Spy Shots for fans are like bread for the hungry people. Well not exactly, but you get my point. Today we have the latest pictures with the 2014 Toyota Auris, a fancier variant of Corolla. Although, the  near-production concept is expected to appear at the Paris Auto Show which will take place in September and […]

Toyota Prius Becomes Sportier!

All set and ready to start a new week. Or we are not? Yes, because despite the hot weather and all the troubles that can “kill” us day by day, we can still come in a place like this and enjoy the latest tunings. Like the one given to Toyota Prius MK3 by Wald International. […]