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Porsche 911 GT3 tuned by REIL Performance

Porsche 911 GT3 is no longer the one you used to know! After being tuned by REIL Performance, this great car has improved its looks and its performance.

An ECU tune that goes hand in hand with the Akrapovic sport exhaust system attached underneath is perfect for the welfare of  this car. And if you add a new suspension with HLS hydraulic lift kit, this Porsche is good to go.

The interior hasn’t been ignored either, being spoiled with a graphics package that contains the logo of the German company and a panther look on the rear fenders.

The price of this jewelery hasn’t been released yet, but it will definitely be a spicy one. If you want glamor you have to pay for it, right?


Porsche Cayenne Diesel by Cargraphic

Following the compatriots from TechArt, German tuner Cargraphic launched a package of tuning with technical and aesthetic modifications for the new Porsche Cayenne Diesel.
For a price of 1184 euro will change the tuner control unit and high power 3.0 V6 turbo-diesel engine from 240 HP and 550 Nm to 290 HP and 630 Nm. Values similar to those “removed” by TechArt… For other 1422 euro from the team will Cargraphic Cayenne is a way to control the suspension that lowers the guard to the ground.

Porsche Cayenne Diesel by Cargraphic

More than that, German tuner offers a kit that contains the extension outside the front spoiler with double projectors (2,136 euro), the rear speaker (470 euro), extensions for wings (Euro 1,232), thresholds Side (1,006) and the rims sizes between 20 and 22 inches.

Note: You can tune your Porsche with Black matte vehicle wrap – – Ph (773) 413-0070

Gemballa GT550 AERO 3 Sport Design

Besides the Carrera GT, Gemballa people have an obsession, an obsession which is called Cayenne … Porsche Cayenne.
So, the Tornado 750 GTS with 750 HP, German tuner returns with something more “quietly”, namely GT550 Sport Design 3 AERO. New creation is based on the Porsche Cayenne Turbo and if that is not quite clear from the name, benefits from 550 horsepower. In addition, the SUV’s comes from Stuttgart and a new exhaust system and an electronically controlled suspension. Exterior changes include a new aerodynamic kit and 22 inch wheels, while inside we front seats and aluminum accessories. Also, future customers may opt for black windows.

Gemballa GT550 AERO 3 Sport Design