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How Nissan Grew To 10% Market Share In North America


In June 2011, Nissan introduced a bold plan. Despite the backdrop of the 2007-08 economic crisis, and an economy that was still reeling from its effects, Nissan Frontier management announced a seemingly impossible goal – to achieve 10% market share in North America. This was, indeed, a titanic undertaking. In 2011, Nissan held a little under […]

Nissan Concepts at the 2015 Auto Salon in Tokyo


A new year is finally here and most of us draw the line to see how they’ve managed to pass 2014. Whether it was good or not, one thing is clear: everyone is eager to start a new year filled with exciting news and projects. The Auto Salon from Tokyo is a clear reminder that […]

How to Spot a Great Car Deal Just from a Classified Ad

Your local classified ads are a great place to find a good deal on all kinds of cars, whether you are looking at a sedan like a Nissan Maxima or prefer something roomier, like a Nissan Juke. You will likely save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on what you would pay at a dealership for the same […]

LSDs for Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R already has a design that out but if you want something special must necessarily use LSD’s. This model with Lambo’ style doors is provided by the German Design LSD and has a price of 1,949 euro. In addition, the doors come with TUV certification and benefit from the GRS (Guided Roller System). Installation […]

Nissan GT-R by Branew at SEMA

I’ve presented you in a previous article the Nissan GT-R by Branew, but now I want to offer you Live photos with Nissan GT-R by Branew at SEMA Show. Nissan GT-R by Branew at SEMA

Nissan GT-R by Branew

Nissan GT-R is a very efficient car even as stock and, therefore, many tuners prefer to work only with Japanese design model. The same did the tuners from Branew, a Japanese company that launched a package of styling for the new Nissan GT-R. The kit contains an extension for front spoiler, side thresholds, rear spoiler, […]

Little Nissan Note Makes Its Entrance!

Recently Nissan gave us some interesting news about the little Note. This has been released in Japan with a new line that will be entitled “Squash Line”  and a different body that includes an unique front grille, headlamps and rear combination lamps.   The biggest surprise is the roomy exterior, which is great for a […]

New Driving on Reverse Record!

We are coming back, as we promised, with a new update on the Nissan Leaf EV.  It managed to achieve the highly wanted record at the “Goodwood Festival of Speed 2012” for driving in reverse. Yey! Terry Grant, the amazing driver, managed to go almost 1.6km (approx. 1 mile) in 1 minute 37 seconds at […]

Tuned Nissan GT-R for Daily Use

I have always wondered why there aren’t as much tuned cars for driving during your daily promenade. Well, Switzer Performance has released the Ultimate Street Edition for Nissan GT-R, proving us that it can be done. This package offers 1,000+ horses,but also other different and smaller options (700,800,900) so you will not be needed to […]

Nissan Goes Back! and Back! and Back!

We missed Nissan, therefore we have decided to bring in some interesting news. There are only 2 more days until the Goodwood Festival of Speed begins. From what we have heard, Nissan will try to set a new record with the Leaf, but ….in reverse. Terry Grant will be the master who tries to achieve […]

The 2013 Nissan Sentra Is Revealed!

I don’t even know when the week has flew by, so in order to finish it well, we must end with some news about the 2013 Nissan Sentra. Recently revealed, this wonderful car teaches us a lot about fashion and quality, although we cannot say that it has experienced great changes. From what we could find […]

Nissan Altima Goes Big With a New System!

We are no longer in a world where every day is a fight and we have to be alert for everything that might go wrong, but without any means of making our job easier. Now, the situation has improved  and Nissan proves to protect us in every circumstance. Therefore, you will only love the “Easy […]