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From Prototype to Production: 3 Things You Need to Know

Manufacturing hardware products is not an easy job, especially if you plan to launch something new in the market, as it will require several steps in between, alongside a sufficiently large budget to accommodate mistakes and missteps that often accompany the whole process. Therefore, it is important to get an actual and practical idea of […]

Will I Be Eligible to Lease A Van?


Are you thinking about leasing a van but are not sure whether or not you will be eligible? This is a concern for many people as they don’t want to damage their credit score by applying for a van lease and then not being accepted. However, there is no need to fret as we are […]

The reputation of the white van over time


The white van man was and is a widely known British stereotype – but where did it originate from? Originally, white vans were chosen to transport food from location to location because they were the most efficient at keeping the produce cool before fridges were available in vans. However, now, more companies are choosing different […]

Drugs and alcohol in the workplace: Five signs a co-worker could be suffering from substance abuse


Suzannah Robin, an alcohol and drug safety expert at AlcoDigital, has helped numerous companies across the UK with their testing policies and procedures. Here she lists the five signs that could mean a colleague is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Alcohol and drug related deaths continue to be a problem in the UK, with the […]

5 Tips to purchasing a tow bar bike rack


Do you love to ride your bicycle and wish it was easier to transport? There are now so many tow bar bike racks available that there is one to fit every need. Gone are the days of trying to hook up a bike rack that was heavy and awkward. These are the same bike racks […]

Tats and Pierces Are Trending – But Are They for You?


Way back in the early 1980’s when body piercing first started coming into its own, who would have thought that an entire generation (or two?) later they would be all the rage and that you just aren’t in style if you don’t have at least one pierce or one tat somewhere on your body? Well, […]

Matching Your Business to the Right Conveyor System

The conveyor belt has to have been one of the best inventions of the 20th century. It’s used in almost every industry these days and is now considered essential if you need to move lots of objects and materials – heavy and light – around a shop floor or in between delivery vehicles and the factory. […]

Things You Should Be Taking Care of Online


Today, we live in the internet age on steroids. You can access the internet a multitude of ways from your computer, tablet, smartphone and even other devices like watches. Yes, watches have a use again. Even if you are tech savvy, you may still find yourself doing things the old school way. Why take time […]

The Ultimate Van-Buyer’s Guide


The buy or not to buy? That is the question. But it’s an issue for van buyers that gets trickier and trickier the more you think about it. When purchasing a van, there are so many considerations, sometimes it can be hard to keep track of everything. Not to worry. We’ve put together the ultimate […]

Happy Father’s Day – Tell it Differently This Year

This month is dedicate to our fathers; the men who taught us how to drive, how to change a tire, how to get over our first crush or our first hangover. We’ve shared so many great moments with our fathers so we should at least give them the chance to feel special with some unique […]

How Can a Mechanics Lien Affect Your Property Ownership?


The most common type of lien is the mortgage. A mortgage is basically a legal document that states you owe a certain amount on a property, and you can only ever truly call it yours until that has paid off. The lender naturally has an interest in allowing this lien to be in place, as […]

2G Sunset on Track for 2016: Impacts on Fleet Management Industry


Now that certain wireless network providers have announced that they are bringing an end to their 2G services, you may have a few questions. Most people wondering about this much talked about 2G migration are members of the fleet management industry. With so many fleet services relying heavily on 2G services, such as GPS, there […]