The reputation of the white van over time


The white van man was and is a widely known British stereotype – but where did it originate from? Originally, white vans were chosen to transport food from location to location because they were the most efficient at keeping the produce cool before fridges were available in vans. However, now, […]

Drugs and alcohol in the workplace: Five signs a co-worker could be suffering from substance abuse


Suzannah Robin, an alcohol and drug safety expert at AlcoDigital, has helped numerous companies across the UK with their testing policies and procedures. Here she lists the five signs that could mean a colleague is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Alcohol and drug related deaths continue to be a problem […]

2G Sunset on Track for 2016: Impacts on Fleet Management Industry


Now that certain wireless network providers have announced that they are bringing an end to their 2G services, you may have a few questions. Most people wondering about this much talked about 2G migration are members of the fleet management industry. With so many fleet services relying heavily on 2G […]