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Nine Things You Didn’t Know About Land Rovers

If the only thing you know about Land Rovers is that the make really nice SUVs, you are going to love this article. In many ways, Land Rovers are “the British Jeep” and have been used as the go-to vehicle for world adventurers for over 70 years. As such, they have been used on countless […]

The Best Land Rover Models Of All-Time


Since 1948, Land Rover has become a household name across the world. In this time, the brand has gone on to spawn various different variations, such as the Discovery. These vehicles have been used for a variety of purposes. Even the military got their hands on them! Throughout this time, there have been a select […]

Land Rover Defender By Chelsea Truck Company

Today we are talking about the Santorini Black Land Rover Defender SVX Edition tuned by the Chelsea Truck Company! Does it sound good to you? Land Rover is the embodiment of everything that is perfect and breathtaking for the car enthusiasts. It’s got force, beauty, power and thanks to Chelsea Truck Company the ability to […]

Land Rover DC-100 expected to arrive in 2015

Land Rover has currently founded the systems off its presently questionable DC100 Vision in Frankfurt … plus it characteristics a stablemate – the convertible car DC100 Sport. The familiar swift overhangs and near-vertical portions exist in addition to 22-inch alloy tires. The intelligent mapping technique evolves a three dimensional visualization inside the surrounding terrain employing […]