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Infiniti Vision Gran Turismo Finally Revealed

You can start breathing now. The Infiniti Vison Gran Turismo was finally revealed. What’s the big deal you say? Then you probably don’t know that this car will be featured in the Gran Turismo 6 game (hence the name). And this is like a huge deal in the gaming world! If you are a PlayStation3 […]

The 2003 Infiniti G35 Gets Tuned Again!

You are going to loooooove this one. Starting with the color (purple) and continuing with the Strafe Widebody kit, this 2003 Infiniti G35  has received a lot of cool stuff and definitely has something to be proud of. The kit mentioned above includes elements like front fender, front bumper, rear bumper,Infinte Aero designs custom Strafespeed […]

Infiniti M35h is the fastest hybrid!

  Hybrids are supposed to be known from an ecological perspective and not because of their speed, right? Well, today, Infiniti breaks all rules and promotes its M35h’s ability to run wild. During their latest advertisement, the Japanese guys managed to compare their car with a Porsche Panamera S Hybrid, and …..won. If you think […]

The Lorinser Infiniti FX Kit at the SEMA show!

This year’s SEMA show brought on plenty of good news and… cars.  The Lorinser Infiniti FX Kit is an example that will definitely enforce this statement. The entire range of changes can be defined very simple: new bumpers, side skirts and LED running lights for the front side of the car. The rear has also […]

Infiniti G35 Tuner: More Beautiful Than Ever

This car will definitely remind you of a luxurious Lamborghini. But is not, is something almost as expensive as a Lamborghini, but tuned.  Infiniti G35 Tuner has changed its personality and know is a whole new car that can brag with a Top Secret carbon fiber hood, 06 JDM tail lights, 500K HID head light […]

Infiniti EX35 has a new look

  Prepared for 2012, the  Infiniti EX35 has preserved many of its original features (taken from the 2011 MY) and added small “improvements” like the HomeLink Universal Transceiver and can be purchased in 4 models: EX35 RWD, EX35 AWD, EX35 Journey RWD and EX35 Journey AWD. This beauty is properly equipped with a a VQ35HR 3.5L […]

Infiniti introduced its first turbodiesel engine

Premium brand owned by car manufacturer Nissan announced today that it would introduce for the first time in its range a turbodiesel engine. Formal presentation of the new models will take place next month at the Geneva Motor Show. Infiniti introduced its first turbodiesel engine Nissan has established luxury division Infiniti cars in 1989. Today, […]