Supercar: The 2017 Ford GT To Rival Lamborghini & Ferrari


If you’ve been following the automotive news, you’ll know that in many respects, Ford has been making huge strides towards upping its game over the last few years. In fact, it seems that for much of 2014, you couldn’t go online without coming across hard-nose reviews and heated opinions on […]

2014 Van of the Year Ford Transit Connect


Ford Transit Connect is 2014 Van of the Year with 130 points from a total of 163, beating Mercedes-Benz Printer (116 points) and Renault Kangoo. Ford obtained its 5th trophey as Van of the Year and Ford Transit or Courier could win in 2015, too. Ford Tropheys as Van of […]

Be economical with Ford Focus Econetic


Ford Focus ECOnetic impresses with the most economical fuel consumption, elegance, innovation and comfort. Ford Official’s announced that Econetic version for Ford Focus will have a medium consumtion of 3.5 l/100 km. Ford Focus Econetic engine comes with a new injection system and special turbocharger. Besides these, the Focus Econetic […]