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2014 Van of the Year Ford Transit Connect

Ford Transit Connect is 2014 Van of the Year with 130 points from a total of 163, beating Mercedes-Benz Printer (116 points) and Renault Kangoo.

Ford obtained its 5th trophey as Van of the Year and Ford Transit or Courier could win in 2015, too.

Ford Tropheys as Van of the Year:
1. In 2001 winner with Ford Transit
2. In 2003 winner with Ford Transit Connect
3. In 2007 winner with Ford Transit
4. In 2013 winner with Ford Transit Custom
5. In 2014 winner with Ford Transit Connect

Ford Transit Connect

New Ford Transit Connect impressed the all 24 journalists by its innovations and its extremely economic consumtion, of only 4l/100 km, thanks to the 1l EcoBoost engine.

Ford Transit Connect it’s first van vehicle that offers Active City Stop, that helps avoiding easy accidents at slow speed.

Transit Connect was developed by „One Ford” global strategy with Ford Otosan from Turkey and it was produced in Spain, Valencia, on the same line with Ford C-Max and Ford Cougar.
Spain production was build in 1976 for Fiesta and it is one of the biggest factory in the world, with a capacity of 230.000 units per year.

In this factory there are 1.400 robots and 7.000 employees.

Ford Mustang from Lee Iacocca

If is someone who deserves to have its own Ford Mustang, that is Lee Iacocca, considered the “father” of the American model. Here is that this happens in 45 years from the appearance of the muscle car, in the meantime becomes a symbol in the auto world.
Known as Iacocca Mustang Silver Edition, this model was designed by Michael Leone and built Gaffoglio Family Metalcrafters. The design of this special issue inspires aggression, defining the headlights are “buried”, the new front grille, chrome-plated rims on 20 inch discharge and integrated spoiler.

Ford Mustang from Lee Iacocca

At the interior, Mustang Iacocca benefit inter alia of the wheel and leather seats embroidered with “I”. Under the hood will be an engine of 4.6 liter V8 that develops 320 horsepower. Where will want more, future customers will opt for a compressor, increasing the maximum power up to 400 HP.
Iacocca Silver Edition Mustang will be made in only 45 copies.

Is it a Ford?

I have found few interesting photos with a “Ford“. I write like this, because first I was sure it was an Aston Martin. But the big “Ford” mark makes me say that this is a great Ford car. Can you help me in telling which model from Ford is it?

interesting car