Category: Electric Cars

New GM EN-V Concept

After the Segway concept, we have a new project from General Motors Manufacturer, project called The EN-V Concept. This concept is a two-seated chairs vehicle that it’s running only on electric energy. GM EN-V Concept The EN-V Concept was designed by Jiao Brillant, Miao Magique and Xiao Amusant.

Geneva Motor Show – Seat IBE- first electric prototype

Seat presented (March 2), at the Geneva Motor Show, the first electric car concept of the brand, called IBE, a sign that the Spanish brand will launch in the future electric sports car. Geneva Motor Show – Seat IBE- first electric prototype In addition to this concept, at the stand was presented Seat Ibiza premiere […]

Audi A1 e-tron present at Geneva Motor Show

Audi has introduced an electric version of its A1 is equipped with a rotary engine for increasing autonomy. The electric motor of this model delivers 61 hp and can provide up to 102 hp for a short period of time. Audi A1 e-tron Audi will offer an electric version of its A1 at the Geneva […]

Video – BMW ActivE Concept

We present it because it is guest of honor at the Detroit Auto Show today’s latest electric concept based on 1 Series Coupe. After Mini E version electric, Active BMW is the second company attempted to monopolize the market ECO cars. Video – BMW ActivE Concept Although it seems hard to believe, outside there is […]

Top 5 Green Concept Cars

We’ve seen, during late years many concept cars and most of them are to weird or to strange to see it in the near future, but I think that many of you must know more about top of my favorite concept cars. No.1 – BMW Lovos Concept Car BMW Lovos Concept was designed by Anne […]

e-UP! was admired in Frankfurt

Mini-concept e-UP! saw the light of day at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Full electric, Volkswagen concept is the smallest ever created, much less than even Lupo. e-UP! embodies the ideal car for the city, with an extremely low consumption and low maintenance costs. The car will be available for sale since the first quarter of […]

Lexus GS 450h – safety car in Australia

Let’s face it. Who thinks the first time at a hybrid when it comes to safety car? Well, about anyone. Because, first of all, all we think of any sports car or something … Well, not just work and stay in Australia … For annual Muscle Car Masters event, that was on September 6 in […]