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Karissa Shannon on Her Boyfriend Mercedes CLS

Karissa Shannon was recently snapped on a white Mercedes CLS. Karissa Shannon, a bit notorious character for her deeds, was one of the twins who are currently living up and sharing bed with Hugh Hefner, the creative chief of Playboy. Karissa debuted to her career as first becoming the playmate on the magazine. Though the […]

Heidi Montag On Ferrari California

Can you remember watching The Hills on MTV? Yea, the actress who filed for a divorce and later called it off? This is not past for long, only the 2010. The popular reality show that blessed Heidi Montag as even more popular actress and singer was recently spotted on her Ferrari California. It was not […]

Charlie Sheen’s Ferrari On eBay

The title is correct. The famous actor is going to sell his favorite Ferrari 550 Maranello speed car. At first this could sound odd to you that someone like Charlie Sheen can look in selling his cars! Did he not get a fund management course? That’s very difficult to say. What the information sources are […]

Allen Iverson Rolling On Rolls Royce

Allen Iverson, the Detroit Piston, one of the most popular basketball player of USA, was recently spotted on the street with him Lamborghini. You know being a news item is a fancy trend among celebrities. The Lamborghini of Allen had an expired dealer tag. That’s violation, right? Cops following the move ended up on the […]

Bradley Cooper On His Own Cars!

The famous actor and heartthrob star, Bradley Cooper, was recently been interviewed by Vanity Fair on his cars. The idea to question him on car was seemingly related as we mostly seen him on screen with all the jubilant cars of all time. © BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM As posed with the question by the interviewer, Bradley, murmured […]

Rolls Royce For Snoop Dogg

The rocking stage performer and band, Snoop Dogg, has arrived to the memorial service of his fellow group member Nate Dogg. On March 15, 2011, a severe cardiac arrest has forced the great musician, a hip hop collaborator of all time American history, to breathe his last. Shocked with the sudden demise and paramount loss […]

Pierce Brosnan is driving a beautiful Aston Martin Vanquish

We are used with Pierce Brosnan as James Bond and with his powerful cars and I think the Aston Martin Vanquish is the perfect car for him. We have here one picture with Pierce Brosnan in his beautiful Vanquish.

Kourtney Kardashian in her new Mercedes S-Class

Kourtney Kardashian was spotted in her new Mercedes S-Class and out of it. Photo Source: X17 Online I wonder who drives her car, but I think it is her boyfriend, Scott Disick.

Britney Spears is driving a red Cadillac Escalade

Britney Spears is driving a red Escalade a full-size luxury SUV sold by the General Motors luxury brand, called Cadillac. The name of her car (Escalade) refers to a siege warfare tactic of scaling defensive walls with the aid of ladders. This picture was made when she was in visit at her family in Louisiana […]