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Warning Signs That It Is Time To Get New Tires


There are thing that people can get away with not caring for but one of these is not your car. Failure to maintain a car in the appropriate fashion can lead to problems compounding and ending up costing more to the owner. Even worse is that a person can put themselves unknowingly in danger if […]

5 Tips for Finding a Reputable Car Battery Service in Singapore


A car cannot run without a good battery and if it is defective then it is important to seek car battery service. When it comes to handling car batteries, most car owners are skeptical about who handles their batteries. There are very many companies offering car battery services in Singapore. This can make it difficult […]

How Tyres Affect the Performance of your Vehicle


When you think performance, do you think engine, transmission and drivetrain? You should think again. Tyres affect not only the performance, but the handling and ride of the vehicle as well. Your tyres are literally where the rubber meets the road when it comes to performance. Here’s how your tyres can affect the performance of […]

Warning Signs That The Tyres Need To Be Changed


Tyres are the most important part of a car and yet the most neglected. While one pays more attention to the looks of their care from the outside and inside, they often tend to ignore the tyres and their condition. It is a serious mistake to drive on ill-kept tyres as we are not just […]

5 Tips to Consider Before Buying Car Parts


Buying car parts is not an easy task, especially when there are a number of dealerships ready to strip you off your cash and sell you faulty parts. The reason why most consumers get cheated when buying car parts is because they lack basic knowledge of them, so end up paying a higher price. Here […]

Clutch Ado About Driving!

Pixabay So many of us take our cars for granted, and we just tend to run them into the ground and get another one when it’s time. But while a lot of people just think that there’s a problem with the engine, and that’s where the fault lies, are you actually just performing bad habits […]

What is Hid Kit and what is a HID Conversion Kit used for?

Hid Kit HID  stands for high-intensity discharge. This is a new type of headlight. It was produced in the 1990s and it started appearing on luxury models. HID lights work like fluorescent lights. This is a system that allows you to use xenon bulbs in your halogen headlights. It looks very nice because it creates an intensive […]

How Tires Are Made


The tires on your car perform a function that is far more critical than most people think.  They are all that separates your car – a 4500 lb steel cage moving fast with people inside – from the road surface.  Not only that, the brand and type of tires on your car will affect the […]

Conveyors Are Great for Productivity

If you own or run a factory or industrial workshop that needs to use or transport large amounts of heavy goods, or if your factory needs to move large amounts of heavy raw materials around from one department to another, you’ll need a conveyor system. Belt conveyor systems are invaluable in factories because they can […]

Make Your Car Headlight Bulbs Long Lasting [Infographic]


Headlights play a very crucial role for your safe drive in the areas where visibility is almost zero. We can’t ignore the importance of headlamps. Driving during late nights becomes critical without them. Drivers on the freeways are most likely to communicate with the others, by indicating through headlights. An erroneous flashing or incorrect functioning […]

The Benefits of Having Led Headlights


Many inexperienced bikers fail to realize just how important it is to give your bike a thorough inspection before each ride and usually end up regretting in the long run. Any long term car owner will tell you that in order to get the best out of your bike on a long trip; you have […]

Take Care Of Your Car Battery For Optimum Performance


With winter fast approaching, it’s time to get the family and personal car ready for all that snow, ice, hail, and cold. And a good place to start is with basic battery care. Good battery maintenance can save you a whole lot of time and trouble—especially when it’s -30 Celsius in the middle of another […]