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When Safety Becomes an Issue: Online Traffic Schools and How They Can Help You


It’s okay to admit that your driving technique isn’t where it needs to be. There’s still plenty of opportunity to learn, even if you’ve had your license for decades. Others among us have just made a few slip-ups that have cost us, or we’re a little rusty due to time off of the road. In […]

How The Future Of Driving Is Changing


Driving is something we bet you take for granted. You don’t realise the luxury you have of being able to jump in your car and drive wherever you want. To not have to rely on public transport to get to where you need to go, or a lift from someone you know. Or even worse… […]

Highways Without Crashes: Is It A Pipe Dream?


Picture Via Flickr Since the very first years that there were cars on the roads, many people have wondered whether there will be a time when accidents and car crashes are worries of the past. They dream of a future where you can travel on the road without panicking that you might not make it […]

Need A Lyft? What It’s Really Like To Be An Uber Driver

Link to file Uber and Lyft aren’t just great for customers – they have career pros too. Becoming a car service driver is as easy as filing an application and applying for a license. Welcome sir/madam and congratulations: you’re a fully-fledged driver. Although many people love the idea, the reality of a career in the […]

5 Traits Of A Happy Driver

Image credit Driving is one of the greatest skills that anyone can ever learn. As such, it’s almost tragic to see the number of drivers that are not happy behind the wheel. If you wish to avoid falling into the harsh cycle, it’s important to gain inspiration from those that are already doing it right. […]

How Is The Automotive Industry Changing


If you look back to where the automotive industry started, then you’ll realise how much it has changed. We now have the highest powered cars we’ve ever had, and it just keeps changing at an alarming rate. The engineering and technology that now goes into cars is just incredible. Whilst a lot of it is […]

Is Driving a Classic Car Worth it For You?

Classic cars have an endless appeal among many drivers, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re elegant and carry a prestige that you simply can’t find anywhere else as a driver. But is driving a classic car really for you? It’s something that you will have to give plenty of thought to because it’s […]

The aftermath of Brexit on the motoring industry


We have now passed a fair amount of time since the UK public voting to leave the European Union — full details of the landmark decision can be found in this BBC News article. But just how much has the motoring industry been affected by the vote on Thursday June 23rd though? To find out, used vans […]

3 Tips to selecting the Right Taxi Insurance in the UK


It’s against the law to operate a taxi service that’s not covered by insurance. Taxis are actually more risky than ordinary vehicles because they are always busy ferrying customers to their various destinations. Having an insurance policy gives you peace of mind because you will be compensated in the event of an injury resulting from […]

Lease A New Car In Time For The Holidays


The decision to purchase a new car can be daunting – a new car purchase locks the buyer into a long-term decision, but preferences, car models, finances, and personal needs may change over time. Over the past 5 years car leasing has surged in popularity, and according to the Lease Market Report from, in the first […]

Toyota’s HiLux a car for all seasons

Some years ago, Toyota sold its first car. Although it started as just a small foreign company, now it has grown into one of the biggest brands globally. Toyota is known for its midsize and compact cars, but its truck line is also rich with history. Toyota Hilux has dominated its market segment like perhaps […]

The plan for 2040


In July, the government announced a plan to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel by 2040 in an attempt to clean up the air quality in the UK. This news follows in the footsteps of some of our neighbouring countries who also plan for an all-electric nation in the future. Norway plan to […]