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Gunner Wood Car

This wooden car is called the “Gunner” and was created by sculptor Michael Cooper of Sebastopol. This little work was made of 65 different types of wood. You want something personal in the collection of machinery? 🙂 Wood car is measuring: 304.8 x152, 4×99, 06 cm. Gunner Wood Car Gunner Wood Car Gunner Wood Car

Toilet Paper Car

This fabulous van “dressed” in toilet paper is the perfect solution for long journeys, especially if you have kids with you. It is probably a car that is used only in summer because if we do not want to imagine how it would look like if it rains or worse, it would snow. There are […]

Ferrari 250 from 1957 sold at a record amount in Italy

It seems that no one looks at the money when it comes to a car. Thus, at an auction in Italy has been a record amount for a car collector. A Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa from 1957 was awarded at the sum of 8.2 million that is $ 11,275,000! The sum of all the records […]

Today was launched the cheapest car

Indians from Tata launched today, as promised, the cheapest car in the world, on behalf Nano, what’s right with several months delay, they say because of the deteriorating economic environment Indian. Car (to say so) will be presented at the Bombay Company by Tata chairman, Ratan Tata, whose name it bears us. Tata Nano What […]