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Drive your career with a business from a van


Has your current career route hit a roadblock? Are you tired of your typical 9-5 job and looking for a new career adventure? If you have your own van, then you’ll be excited to hear that there are so many types of businesses that you can get involved in to reinvigorate your working life… Courier […]

The Future of Alternative Fuels

When you’re shopping for new cars these days, you don’t just choose between petrol or diesel especially considering the new push to get rid of Diesel Cars! There are lots of alternative fuels available too. Most dealerships offer a spectrum of alternative fuel motors, including hybrid, electric and hydrogen-powered designs. Check out this Infographic to find out what’s […]

Infographic: Car Smells You Should Recognize

Are we all mechanics to know every bad thing that happens to our car? I don’t think so. Sometimes our car breaks down in the middle of the intersection and we have no idea what to do with it. Other times weird smells get out of our cars without necessarily bothering us. But just because […]

Driverless Cars Soon To Be Trialled On Main Roads!

2012 Ford Focus Electric

Driverless cars have been in talks for a while, and yet nobody has seen any real evidence that they’re coming to fruition in the near future. Until now! Driverless cars are soon to be tested on our main roads – so try not to freak out when you see a car like this on your […]

The Real Deal

How hard would it be for a metal fabricator to write a book? Grammar and welding aren’t exactly relatable skill sets. Do you think a television star could handle a performance race truck through the deserts of Baja California? Does it seem like a marketing expert would know anything about the quality of steel products? […]

Cars of the Future: The Technology Will Blow Your Mind

The cars of 2017 are safer and more manoeuvrable than ever before, however that doesn’t mean that they can’t keep getting better.  Car technology is advancing at the speed of light, and with that comes some pretty cool changes to the way we drive.  I’m sure you’re already fully aware of the autonomous driving technology […]

Infographic: Living it up in a van- #vanlife


For most of us, an apartment, house or a big country mansion made with bricks and mortar spring to mind when we think of our home. But for some, it’s more along the lines of pieces of metal on wheels. That’s right — some people choose to live a mobile life changing their postcode whenever […]

Pitting everyday motors against Star Wars vehicles

Jeep Wrangler

The countdown to the release of the highly anticipated Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is almost at an end. As well as being known for its memorable characters and amazing array of planets, the Star Wars universe is also filled with iconic vehicles. Just how would these vehicles handle when put up to the […]

Van Monster charts the rise of street food van vendors


The popularity of street food has grown substantially over the past few years. Search volume around the term has grown by more than 80 per cent between 2014 and 2016, for example, while the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations predicts that 2.5 billion people now eat street food on a daily basis. […]

Car Infographic: Road signs of the future

What can you say about the future of road signs and trafic? Everything is changing and we have to stay in touch with what’s new, to be safe. Here you have grea news about future road signs, offered by A straddle bus route, recently showcased in China, plays with the idea of public transport that […]

Infographic: Women vs. Men on Car Buying and Driving

It is an age-old battle of the sexes, but we can offer a new survey of ofer 500 customers on the road, to reveal some intriging differences between sexes. The survey was made by My Car Check. You should know that women feel most uncomfortable with physically inspecting a vehicle, while men feel most uncomfortable […]

Infographic: The History of the Black Cab


The Black Cab is an important part of automotive history. The Hackney cab and related legislation has evolved massively over the years, with things like petrol power being introduced in 1903 and bad language being policed as early as the 1700s. Source: Car Keys