Save Money On Your Holiday Vehicle Hire

Image Source Going on holiday is always something to look forward to, however, finding your way around a new city can be difficult. Spending money on taxis quickly eats into your spending money, Uber isn’t always an option, and buses can be difficult to navigate. The easiest solution is to […]

4 Mistakes You Literally Can’t Afford When You Buy A Car

Photo Buying a new motor is an amazing experience, even if strictly speaking it isn’t new. The feeling you get when you finally get to sit behind the wheel is intoxicating. And, the smile on your face feels like it will never fade. But, that only happens when you don’t […]

3 Ways to get better fuel efficiency for your fleet

Fuel price is a big issue if you are running an automobile business. Whether it involves trucking services or taxi fleets all business owners have the same problem with fuel costs. In recent studies, it showed that fuel makes up 19% of a vehicle’s total cost of ownership. In today’s […]

Three reasons why your steering wheel may start to shake


If the steering wheel of your car starts to shake while you are driving, or when you put your foot on the brake, you need to deal with the issue. You should never just ignore a shaking steering wheel as the problem will only get worse if you do. In […]

How To Prepare Your Used Car For The Canadian Winter

If you’re Canadian, you’re probably well aware of the joys of winter driving – especially if you live in a northern province where you’re blessed with snow from October-April. Winter driving can be stressful, annoying, and dangerous – unless you’re prepared. So in this article, we’ll take a look at […]

Customer survey data – How often do people buy


A new report by My Car Check, the UK’s leading vehicle check website, Making Better Used Car Choices, reveals customer survey data, showing how often do people buy  My Car Check customer survey data results Between 7th and 13th February 2017, My Car Check carried out a survey of 1289 customers […]

What To Do During A Roadside Emergency


If you happen to be going on a road trip, it is always to prepare yourself for the worst case scenarios. For example, if you are touring around Australia, it is always a good idea to get yourself some roadside assistance in Melbourne from Roadside Response, because if your car […]

Debunking The Misconceptions Of A First-Time Driver

Image: Taking those first steps into the world of driving is exciting, scary, and unfamiliar in equal measures. While you cannot do much to remove the fears, adding a sense of familiarity will increase your enjoyment. With this in mind, increasing your knowledge is a vital part of the pre-driving […]