Reading Vehicle Identification Numbers and Why it Matters


Learning how to read a VIN (vehicle identification number) is very important, particularly if you intend to purchase a used vehicle. You must be savvy as a consumer, and knowing how to locate the VIN, knowing what each alphanumerical character means, and knowing how to use this number to identify […]

Top Reasons Why Young People Are More Dangerous On The Road


You don’t have to look too far to find statistics revealing you are more likely to crash a car if you are a young driver. Everyone knows it, from insurers through to accident lawyers. But, still, the number of young drivers crashing continues to increase. Today, we’re going to have […]

Why Car Dealerships Are Turning to Live Chat Apps


While automobile sales themselves remain a brick-and-mortar business, dealerships need to recognize that more and more of their customers are researching online. Websites see far more traffic than actual showrooms these days, but to most salespeople, all of those online hits aren’t worth much. In order to make the most […]

The Many Differences Between Learning To Ride And Drive


You might think that learning to ride is the same as learning to drive a car. But actually, there are quite a few differences. You might find that learning to ride a motorbike is a completely different experience to passing your driving test. Self Teaching One of the main differences […]

Undeniable Reasons to Love Diesel Cars


For some reason, diesel cars have never been seen as exciting as their petrol equivalents. And, despite regular upgrades to diesel performance, it’s a legacy they’ve not been able to shake off. But here’s the thing: there’s a lot of reasons to love diesel cars. They’re no longer the grunting, […]

Things I Wish I Knew About Driving When I First Passed


Source: So, you’ve recently passed your driving test? Congratulations! You’ll no doubt be on cloud nine right now, and you deserve to be too. However, driving comes with huge responsibilities. There will inevitably be a sense of trial and error involved as you learn the key lessons to make you […]