Understanding Traction Control


Traction control systems are available on many cars today yet few people know how they work. If that describes you, don’t be too upset, the manufacturers don’t do a very good job of explaining it. The first thing to know is that traction control systems do not increase traction. Consider when […]

HPI Checks Explained: Understanding the Issues They Might Uncover


‘HPI check’ is a term that most motorists will be familiar with, but many have only the vaguest understanding of what such a process entails. The letters stand for ‘historic to present information’, and the aim of the test is to give you as much detail as possible on the […]

Understanding 4WD and AWD Systems


Do you get confused by the different drive systems that car makers use to provide power to all four wheels? Don’t feel bad, you aren’t alone. There are many different systems out there and the terminology they use doesn’t help the situation. In this article, we will explore the basics […]

Life On The Road: Don’t Forget These Things If Your Vehicle Is Part Of Your Business


It’s true for just about everyone that our cars are pretty central to our lives. There aren’t many people out there who would be able to function day-to-day without their car. This only becomes more significant when your vehicle is your business. Whether you rely on your car to get […]

Buying a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle: What You Need to Know


If you or someone in your life suffers from limited mobility, then a wheelchair accessible vehicle (or WAV) is a must-have for maximum independence and freedom. But before you go out and make any purchasing decisions, there are a few questions you might want to ask, so we’ve gone ahead […]

Crash, Squeak, Eek Are Sounds You Don’t Want To Ignore In Your Car


You can think of a car as a living thing. Just like any animal, it will tell you when something’s wrong. Usually, it will make noises. You might hear a squeaking, bleeping, grinding noise that is telling you something has gone wrong with your vehicle. It still works, and you […]

Vrooooooooom! Vroom! Getting Four Wheels On The Road, On A Budget


(Image Source) There comes a time every few years, where you realise that it’s time to get a new set of wheels. Of course, this means that you’ve got some shopping to do. But, before you do, you need to think about your budget. In today’s economy, most people don’t […]

Life on the Road – What You Can do to Become a Better Driver


No matter how long you’ve been driving, there’s always a way to get better. You can always improve how you are behind the wheel, and focus on driving in a more sensible way. The mandates for driving seem to change a lot, and people are becoming more reckless on the […]

Mobile mechanics – the most reliable roadside assistance to keep cars running

Reliability is one of the prime indices that determine how comfortable you are with your car. Although there are many other factors that add to the comfort of driving, unless it is assured that the car will always start up at the first turn of the ignition key, you would […]

Three places to go to when buying a second hand car

Many people now prefer to purchase a second hand car rather than buying new. According to the latest research, the average new car can lose up to 19% of its value in its first year of ownership. However, with each successive year, the rate of depreciation decreases significantly, meaning that […]