BMW and Toyota Continue Their Journey!

Now here is an interesting combination: Toyota and BMW! Although their collaboration is not new at all, the news of their expansion was received with a great deal of enthusiasm. Especially because they will focus on 4 main areas: the fuel cell system, future sports cars, new motors and new […]

BMW M3 Coupe: Wrap it up!

BMW M3 Coupe

Who doesn’t like BMW? I don’t know if we will find many people that can say no to that. Today I have a special tuning for you guys: BMW M3 Coupe, tuned by Cam Shaft. The main focus of the German company is wrapping so get ready to wrap it.The […]

BMW M5 Vs.Cadillac CTS-V

After last year Cadillac managed to accomplish an amazing victory against BMW at the Road & Track fiesta , this year, the officials thought it would be time for a rematch. So, we have the brand new 2013 BMW M5 ( $89,900) and the Cadillac CTS-V ($64,515) fighting for the […]

Vorsteiner Tribute to BMW M3 E92

The tuning is not over! Soon enough we will say goodbye to the BMW M3 E92 model, but this will not be happening without a short tuning from Vorsteiner.According to their own words, this BMW M3 GTRS5 kit will be “commemorating the retiring” of the gorgeous model. Therefore, in order […]

Give in to the Blue Devil!

The Devil doesn’t only wear Prada, but can also come in a Blue Dress, right? At least this is what we can say about the latest BMW M3 project signed by the guys at K3 Projekt. As it was already suggested, the name of this exciting tuning is “The Devil […]

Tuning on BMW 3Series Looks Great!

BMW is a brand that will always preserve the tag of luxury and success, so the guys at Alpha-N Performance, have released a wonderful package for it, called BT92. This includes a new front bumper, wider fenders, vented hood, rear bumper, diffuser, trunk lid and adjustable rear wing.  The interior is […]

A Killer Show at the King of Europe Drift Event!

What is there to do when you are offered a gorgeous video of an amazing drifting competition that has everything you could ever desire: fabulous cars, hot chicks and a lot of “horsies”? Well, I will tell you what you can do: sit down and watch it. You are going […]

Awesome Tuning For BMW M3!

It is BMW timeeeee! For all the BMW enthusiasts there, we have good news: a new G-Power tuning kit has made its way in order to increase the power of the M3. This package increases the factory 3.2-liter six-cylinder powerplant to 450 PS and 460 Nm of torque.From 107 PS […]

Gorgeous BMW M3 Convertible Gets a Cool Tuning!

The new BMW M3 convertible is the star of the evening since it has received a remodeling from the ATT-TEC tuning company. The first category touched was its engine of course, and we can say that the  G-Power tuning kit really boosted things up to 520 PS from 420 PS […]

Price Announcements for BMW at the NY Auto Show

Let the show begin! The 2012 New York Show began with wonderful premiers, one of the brands being the amazing BMW. With excellent reviews, the German manufacturer announced the prices of its best products. We start with the facelifted 2013 X6M which can be found in the US  dealerships in […]