MEAT for SPEED @ SAB – SPRING Edition & Street Food Park

10 – 13 MAI / aleea centrală ROMEXPO AUTO – MOTOR – SPORT & STREET FOOD SAB – SPRING Edition (Salonul Auto Bucuresti – Spring Edition) aduce anul acesta, în perioada 10 – 13 mai la ROMEXPO un concept dinamic de promovare a mărcilor consacrate de autoturisme, cu accent pe segmentele  4 x 4 – FAMILY – ECO şi […]

How to Study the Highway Code for the UK Driving Theory Test


Trying to study the Highway Code for the UK driving theory test can be daunting. Going through the code can be pretty scary for first timers, as it is essentially a legal document that isn’t exactly easy reading. The good news is that you don’t need to study the Highway […]

Renting A Car – The Best Option?


Renting a car is a great option when going out of town, especially on a long trip. With such a large range of cars available from rental agencies like Atlas Car & Truck Rental, there is an opportunity to save money by taking a car that is not new. With the […]

Driving Myths That Modern Motorists Should Stop Falling For


Image Source: As drivers, we’re all vulnerable to believing things we’ve been told to be gospel. Whether the statements are outdated or simply false, those inaccuracies can cause problems behind the wheel. The negative influences can impact safety, finances, and enjoyment. Here are just five that you must look to […]

The History of Automotive Safety

Back years ago, there was little thought given to how safe cars were. Back then, autos had just two real safety features: brakes and headlights. The problem was that these “horseless carriages” were so new, and went so slow, that no one realized how dangerous they could be. As time […]

Kill Your Speed! No Excuses!


Picture From Pexels Let’s say you have a friend, and that friend comes up to you and tells you that they’re annoyed because they’re in legal trouble for driving while drunk. Would you have any sympathy for them? Of course not! In fact, you would probably be absolutely furious with […]

Leaving Your Car At Home: Alternatives To Driving


(image: wikipedia) Having the freedom and convenience of owning a car is something many of us appreciate.  Be it for the daily commute to work, dropping the kids off at school, or simply driving somewhere for the pleasure of it; our car can be a real pleasure. However, there are […]

Driving the UK’s standout countryside routes


The UK is packed with a wide variety of picturesque sights that need to be seen to be admired. To ensure you see the best that the country has to offer, take a look at this guide of the UK’s standout countryside routes, compiled by luxurious Audi dealership Vindis: Buttertubs Pass […]