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The guys from Bavarian Motor Works, have recently unveiled their pick up. Lot more wondering, undoubtedly, this pick up is the modified form from the M3 series. Officially coded as the fourth generation body variant, the M3 pick up from BMW, is tested on track to perform great by consumers.

BMW M3 Pickup
BMW PickUp

The V8, 4.0 liter engine of the M3 series pick up has 420 horse power. It is the sliced out form of the M3 coupe that is given more ease and edge over making the aerodynamic to work in favor on run.

BMW M3 Pickup

The showcasing was organized in BMW’s Munich base at Germany on the very special day of April Fool’s; that keep enthusiast daunting whether the brand is really putting a line of carriers soon. Officially BMW did not confirm anything but preferred to enjoy the reaction around.
Source: MSN Cars

If I have to say my opinion, I really don’t like this style; I prefer the fast and furious BMW!

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