BMW Gran Coupe Accessories for the Man Who Never Settles

If you’re the proud owner of a BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe, you’ve probably got a taste for luxury and elegance, and you won’t settle for anything less out of your ride. The Gran Coupe has added two doors and plenty of room in the backseat all while managing to maintain the stylish lines associated with coupes, in addition to providing a comfortable yet powerful drive that’s ideal for those long drives into cottage country. Widely hailed by critics as a good looking, great driving performance vehicle, it’s the kind of car that leaves its drivers confounded when they look at in the driveway and ask themselves, “But what’s missing?”


BMW’s M6 is the kind of vehicle that draws drivers who never settle for less; when they see something that they want, they don’t ask whether or not they “should” get it, they ask themselves how they can make it even better. Fortunately, there is a large variety of accessories for BMW available to drivers who aren’t content until they’ve perfected the look, feel, and function of their vehicle, precisely to their standards.

Lights are one of the most popular upgrades BMW owners make, and one of the better available lighting solutions is error-free, no-fan LED headlight and fog light bulbs from accessory vendor Bimmian. Besides simply improving the light quality on your Gran Coupe, the WeissLichtIllustro FLEX LED eschews traditional fans and fins for a braided belt that dissipates heat across 30 square inches. Fans eventually breakdown due to the particle contamination, leading to LED overheating or else causing the lights to go into a half-power mode. Meanwhile, fins are not suitable to higher-powered LEDs as they cannot dissipate heat effectively, while the braided belt, connected to the light with a copper core, is a highly effective heat conduit that funnels heat out into the belt.

Still on the front end, many 6 Series owners have also been changing out their OEM grilles for either carbon fiber or paint-matched kidney grilles to complete their look. In a sea of imitators, it can be hard to find grilles that are resistant to chips and that, instead of just acting as covers, actually replace the factory originals, but quality, ABS plastic grilles can be found from retailers like Bimmian.

There are dozens of upgrade options available on both the interior and exterior, though one particularly innovative product has given new life to what many regard as an obsolete part of the radio controls: the CD slot. One accessories manufacturer has introduced a phone mount that uses the CD slot to provide the most convenient location for smartphones used for GPS or music.

The accessories market is cluttered with second class products that claim to compete on price – don’t waste your time with imitations. When you buy your accessories from high end retailers like Bimmian, you get parts that are designed with no expenses spared to fit your chassis, look good, and last for the duration. You never accept second-best at the office and you certainly don’t accept it from yourself; complete your ride with the best accessories available for your luxury Gran Coupe.

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