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Racing games are among the earliest games developed since the first home computers became available. Racing games were always among the most popular gaming niches as people, especially men, have been attracted to racing since ancient times. As part of the racing culture, betting has always accompanied racing world. Betting on racing (Formula 1, NASCAR, Indy 500, etc.) is one of the most popular categories, and betting on racing games is something becoming ever more popular lately. I think you should learn about online and racing online betting on races including the best sites, like M88, how to place bets, and strategies for winning more. Today there is no shortage of exquisite racing games online. This piece takes a look at some of the best racing games for your device that allows you play online and race against others. The good thing about these online games is that they are free to play at some levels. At other levels, players may be required to pay to access different tracks and more sophisticated cars.

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  1. Need For Speed World (NFSW)
  2. This is one of the best known and longest running racing game series. NFSW, launched in 2010, allows multiplayers online. The graphics are top notch; has a collection of classy cars and plenty of action. There are also single player events where players can buy in-game SpeedBoost for real money and use it to buy cars and other items. With the NFSW, players do not need to spend cash in order to progress in the game while having fun.
    1. Track Mania Nations Forever

    This is another online gameplay against strangers and friends, although it isn’t really a simulation. In Track Mania Nations Forever, emphasis is more of fun than on exhilaration that comes with the time spent tweaking gear ration and wheel camber. It also has single player mode and lots of maps that are unlocked as the game progress.

    1. Racer

    Dolphinty Racer is a hard core simulator that’s almost too realistic. It requires practice and patience as it places a lot of emphasis on making the car drive and handling similar to the real world. Consequently, the Dolphinty Racer is not for those looking for a quick blast as this game is considered the basis for professional simulators, such as the ones used by racing teams and car manufacturers.

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    1. Driving Speed 2

    Designed by Wheelspin Studios, Driving Speed 2 is considered more of a game than a racer, although it shares some of the realistic qualities of the Racer as too many mistakes that lead to car crash will result in damage. The Driving Speed 2 multi player is quite rudimentary as you’ll have to host games manually and give your IP address to others so they can play.

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  1. rFactor 2

rFactor 2 was developed by Image Space Inc., and was released in 2012. Considered by some to still be rough around the edges, it remains a sort of heir to one of the PC great racing games. The rFactor 2 has continued to grow since its launch as new cars and track packs come out across different series. Serious online racers will find the rFactor 2 nerve-racking

  1. GRID Auto sport

The GRID Auto Sport was released in June 2014. It is a game that serves as great entry point for individuals with curiosity for sim-style racing, and fun for those established hard core drivers looking to relax. The game, among its pecks, will teach you the basics of corner breaking and throttle control. In addition, it has full race weekend and strong AI as opponents and lots of other variety in its racing format

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  1. iRacing

Developed by Motor Sport Simulations and released in August 2008, iRacing is as close as it can get to real racing with its regular online racing leagues and meticulous cars and tracks. rFactor 2 has no meaningful single player component and with the live tournament schedule and the subscription fees, it would require some significant investment. To some racing fans, nothing compares.