Be economical with Ford Focus Econetic

Ford Focus ECOnetic impresses with the most economical fuel consumption, elegance, innovation and comfort. Ford Official’s announced that Econetic version for Ford Focus will have a medium consumtion of 3.5 l/100 km.
Ford Focus Econetic engine comes with a new injection system and special turbocharger. Besides these, the Focus Econetic comes with stop-start, brake energy regeneration lost, low rolling resistance tires, a revised gearbox, a gear shift indicator and the opened system automatically or closed ventilation slots the front grille, which reduces CO2 emissions by two percent, say the people at Ford.


Ford Focus Econetic offers 1.6 l, turbodiesel engine powered by 105 hp emits less than 95g CO2/km.
For comparison, the 1.6-liter TDCI diesel engine on offer next-generation Focus has a fuel consumption of 4.2 liters/100 km, the lowest segment of this displacement.
In terms of competition, the Golf BlueMotion version with 105 hp has a fuel consumption of 3.8 liters per 100 km. Opel’s ecoFLEX versions of the Astra CDTI is equipped with a 1.3 liter engine and 95 hp, which consumes on average of 3.9 liters per 100 km.
Future Ford Focus ECOnetic will be offered in both five-door hatchback version and the Wagon version. A possible Econetic sedan model is not considered at this time. Probably the price of this model will be over other diesel versions of the Focus, but the difference can be recovered over time through lower fuel consumption.
I would buy this model because we all see the fuel price increases, and the car that consumes less generate revenue to its drivers.
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