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A Sony dealer in Portugal and made in store presentation of the Audi TT in the image. The machine is a working demo car audio product at Sony, which have been made over the rims of 20 inches. In the rear, under a plastic window, are six amplifiers underlying power of sound. An original idea, since more people are expected to find that place in an engine.

Audi TT converted in Sony store

Plus many screens with which to watch movies and music, located in the board and in the rear of the car, last giving what is going on after the car he passed on without the Audi TT and orchestra bearer.

Audi TT converted in Sony store
If we look at photographs of carefully look like the chairs that was placed a bottle of nitrogen. Since the Audi TT is not factory equipped with cylinders of oxygen, we assume that there is a reserve power for when needed, not the other. And this time the power is not measured in watts, but the horsepower.

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