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Audi demonstrated once again the performance of modern diesel engines in an unique duel that took place prior the “Festival of Speed” meeting at Goodwood (England): In a 1-kilometer acceleration race at RAF Wittering, the Le Mans winning Audi R10 TDI driven by Allan McNish was just narrowly beaten by a 15,000-bhp combat aircraft from the Royal Air Force (RAF).

Audi R10 TDI Versus Jet-Fighter

Despite the 650-hp Audi R10 TDI being designed to start races from a “rolling” as opposed a “standing start”, the revolutionary diesel sportscar was quicker off the line and in the lead for almost the whole 1-km distance before the Harrier GR7 “Jump Jet” just beat the Audi by literally a “nose” before it took off in front of a 5,000 crowd.

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