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I’ve presented in so many articles the new models from Audi and Audi A8 is one of my favorites. The tuning model from Andre Rothganger it’s pretty amazing.

Audi A8 tuned by Andre Rothganger

I really like those 24″ rims that seem to have crystals on them. The engine was also modified to develop more power and with an engine cooling unit tuning kit it now develops 330 HP. With this lovely car you could reach a maximum speed of 275 km/h and if you’re going to drive with style, they’ve tuned the car’s interior a lot. It’s probably the car with the biggest modifications in the interior I have ever seen.

Audi A8 tuned by Andre Rothganger

Here, you’ve got a completely unique tapestry and you will be amazed by the abundance of multimedia elements. They have even installed a lot of LCD screens and a a great audio-video console that’s capable of almost everything. I would love to drive one of these beauties! Don’t you feel the same?

Audi A8 tuned by Andre Rothganger

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