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Lightning McQueen from Cars and Sid from Ice Age were close friends all together, and were meeting on the bodywork of Audi A4 Avant. But not to take or get rid of unfavorable climate conditions, but to create art. Airbrush art map.
Besides unique paintjob with sympathetic characters in the two animations, the Avant is “happy” and a huge front grille, new front and rear Spoil, thresholds and lateral dual exhaust.
Also, the air suspension allows you to get up or when you want the car, while chrome-plated rims are quite high (20 inches) to restore your smile every time.
The interior is distinguished by the blue accents, a Bose audio system and a multitude of monitors able to play a race in which Lightning McQueen is involved or why not, a situation in which Sid fall for fool.

Audi A4 Avant by Sid, Lightning McQueen & Co.

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