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Cell phone apps don’t have to serve solely as a dangerous distraction for drivers. In fact, they can also be used to make driving more safe. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of apps out there that have been designed to prevent texting while driving.

According to estimates by, texting while driving increases the likelihood of an accident by 23 times. Another important statistic to make note of is that 23 percent of all car accidents involved cell phone use while driving in 2011.


Considering the statistics, it seems clear that roadway safety would benefit if smartphone owning motorists put one of the following apps to use to avoid texting behind the wheel:

  • DriveMode– This app is produced by AT&T and it is free to use for those with Android and Blackberry phones. This app will launch automatically on a user’s smartphone when he or she is driving at speeds of over 25 mph. When the app launches, it automatically sends out messages via both email and text to let others know that the smartphone owner is currently driving. `
  • Live2Txt– This app works a bit like DriveMode, but it must be voluntarily turned on by the user. Once it is launched by the user, Live2Txt will block all calls that come in. It will also prevent notifications of received texts while it is on. Users can create a customized message with Live2Txt that will go out to senders who try to contact the user when he or she is driving. This app can also block incoming notifications regarding other apps and smartphone features.
  • SafeDrive– This app encourages smartphone-owning motorists to drive safely by giving rewards points to drivers. Points are rewarded when the app is opened and the driver does not text. Points are accrued when the driver is going at more than 6 mph. These points are also tracked according to how much time the driver spends waiting in traffic and how far the driver has traveled.
  • DriveScribe– This app doesn’t only address the issue of texting while driving, but it also encourages drivers to go more slowly. While a vehicle is moving, it will prevent texts and calls from causing distractions. DriveScribe can also be set to alert a driver if he or she is traveling at too fast a speed. For this app to work, drivers must launch it before beginning a trip. DriveScribe is available for either Android phones or Apple iPhones.
  • Cellcontrol– This app is perfect for parents who are stressed out about their young teenager being behind the wheel. Cellcontrol is an app that works on a subscription basis. It works along with a device that needs to be placed under a vehicle’s dashboard. Together with the app this device will disable phone features en route. Not only does Cellcontrol prevent text messages from being sent, but it can also stop a smartphone’s camera from being used and prevent the driver from accessing email messages.
  • DriveOff– This Android app kicks into action when a vehicle begins moving at more than 10 mph. At speeds that are high enough, the app will automatically shut off both texts and incoming phone calls. DriveOff can be downloaded free of charge.

Those interested in giving one or any of these apps a try can look them up by name in their cell phone’s app store. Apps that are designed to make roads safer are typically free to install and easy to use, so give them a try to maximize safety for yourself and for others when you’re behind the wheel.

If you’d like more ideas on how to keep roadways safe, consider enrolling in an online defensive driving or a traffic school course.