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The dark Sinister Six is based on BMW 6 Convertible car. The BMW 6 Convertible is an elegant, retiring car that is attractive wherever it moves. Its stylish design attractive for everyone hides also another secret – a 4.8 liter V8 engine producing the maximum output of 367hp (270kW) and this power can boost the car to 100kmph in 5.7 seconds.

Alpine Sinister Six BMW 645i

The complete rebuilt of ordinary BMW 645 to this mad masterpiece consists of exterior and interior changes. It’s a completely reworked stock car. And now you can see the result of many hours spent in a workshop of two guys from the Alpine USA team.

Alpine Sinister Six BMW 645i

The exclusive double-part 5-spoke black rims are made by the famous hot-rod producer Boyd Coddington. These heavy rims are also very wide – 10″ and 13″. These gigantic rims wear Falken tires Falken ZiEX S/TZ. You can imagine that 360 mm Brembo vented brake discs look quite small compared to the rims.

Alpine Sinister Six BMW 645i

The whole thing looks like some Star Trek base. When you push the button, the unit does 90o left turn allowing boarding and getting out. And the rear trunk cover slides to show the amplifiers.

Alpine Sinister Six BMW 645i

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