To describe the latest creation from Brabus, GL63 called, we need three words: Biturbo, WIDESTAR and 650 hp.
Biturbo? Yes. Just this time we do not have their V12 under the hood of 6.3 liters and 750 hp. No, this time, Brabus has “limited” to the stuff under the hood’s 6.3 liter V8 from the ML63 AMG. 6.3 liter V8’s has received two turbines and now develops 650 hp, exactly!

650 hp Biturbo Brabus GL63
650 hp Biturbo Brabus GL63
650 hp Biturbo Brabus GL63_2
650 hp Biturbo Brabus GL63

SUV’s face does not stay bad at torque chapter; it is stopping at 850 Nm.
Performance? Unimaginable for this scale: 0 – 100 km / h in just 4.7 seconds and top speed limited to … 300 km / h! It is no wonder that the brakes and suspension have been modified to handle the situation.

650 hp Biturbo Brabus GL63_3
650 hp Biturbo Brabus GL63
650 hp Biturbo Brabus GL63_4
650 hp Biturbo Brabus GL63

That said, it remains distinctly and mystery word WIDESTAR. Shortly, wide-body kit and a GL with six inches wider now. We LEDs, we have a new front grille, front and rear spoilers we have, we have extensions for wings… We have it all. Plus the 23 inch rims…
Inside? Inside talk about the best pictures. We are limited to specifying the skin, Alcantara and multimedia system.
And now, the price starts… From 368,000 euros!

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