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Honda has powerful models and has special dispensation to race, since its previous contender was the NSX Super GT and that car’s engine layout is no longer allowed under the championship rules.

500hp Honda Super GT racer

The HSV-010 GT is therefore front-engine car with rear-wheel drive. We believe that is based on Honda’s abandoned project to build a second generation NSX supercar.
Contemporary road-going Honda styling cues are limited to the light bar running across the trailing edge of the body. Beyond that it’s a crazed-mix of stealth fighter and late model TVR.

500hp Honda Super GT racer

The compact 90 degree angled V8 is dry-stumped, with 32 valves and needs a restrictor to keep the power down to the requisite 500 hp level. Gear changes are sequential via paddle shifter; total weight is just 1,100kg.

500hp Honda Super GT racer

Racing against cars such as the Nissan GT-R and Toyota Sourer (or the Lexus SC430), if first place was guaranteed by intimidation, Honda would certainly be on to a winner.
As it is we’ll just have to wait until the racing starts later this year. The Honda HSV-010 will be out testing at the Suzuki circuit.

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