5 Options to Keep You from Drunk Driving

We’ve all heard how terrible drunk driving is. Not only are you putting yourself at risk, but you are endangering every other person on the road. There is a high risk involved any time you decide to drive home drunk, and it is a risk that you should not be taking. This becomes even more obvious when one considers all of the options that are available to drivers who have had one too many drinks. If you or someone you know has a history of trying to drive home drunk, use the suggestions below the next time you find yourself having a few drinks, and needing to get home.

Call A Cab

This is the most common option, and one that works incredibly well. No matter where you are, there is a good chance that there is a cab company in your area that can drive you home. If you are at a bar, the bartender may even know the contact information for a local cab company, and can call for a ride for you. Calling a cab means you don’t have to drive, and you only have to pay for the ride home. If you can afford to go out for a night of drinking, you can afford a cab, so this option is always available to you should you need it.


Cab Alternatives

If you don’t want to call a cab, or there are none operating near you, that doesn’t mean you can’t hire someone to drive you home. There are now plenty of companies that make it easy to find a ride anywhere, usually with just a few button pushes on your smartphone. Companies like Uber and Lyft have drivers all over the country that are waiting to drive people around, and can be an affordable option if you can’t get a cab. If you think you might use one of these services, download their respective apps onto your phone before you go to make getting a ride even easier. If you have had a few drinks, setting up an account with these apps may be tough, so it is best to handle it before you go.

Call A Friend

Don’t have money for a cab? Then hopefully you have a friend or family member in the area that you can call for a ride. Most friends or family members would be happy to come and get you from the bar if the alternative is that you drive home drunk. However, rather than springing it one them late at night, it is a good idea to give the person you may call a heads up before you go. Let them know that you may need a ride back from the bar, and ask if they could please help you out. As long as you don’t make a habit out of calling the same person every night, they should have no problem coming to get you.

Sleep In Your Car

If you have tried all of the options above, and still can’t get a ride, that doesn’t mean you should drive. Instead, simply sleep it off in your car for a few hours until you are sober enough to drive – even if that means the next morning. While you shouldn’t make a habit out of sleeping in your car every time you drive, if you really can’t find a ride home, this is a better option than trying to drive after having drinks.

Arrange A Party Bus

For those events in which a large number of people will be attending and drinking, it is a good idea to arrange transportation for them all. A party bus is a great option, and can provide everyone with a great time. With a party bus, you can drink as much as you’d like, and still get around from place to place. With everyone involved chipping in, a party bus is still affordable, and a great way to party yourself around town. If the party bus is picking everyone up in the same location, you may still need to arrange rides from that location back home, but you at least do not have to worry about driving from location to location.

Be A Responsible Drinker

If you want to go out drinking, then you need to do so responsibly. This means knowing how you are going to get around, and how you are going to get back home. It can also mean monitoring your own alcohol levels to ensure that you are not too drunk to drive. Being responsible with your drinking will ensure that you have a good time, while also keeping yourself and everyone around you safe.

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