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Yes that is right. Finally the time has come in Europe that driving a white car can be beautiful. It started already 1 year ago that you were able to see more white cars on German streets, especially premium cars like Porsche GT3, Porsche and BMW’s. Mercedes is catching up. With the new world color of the C-Class in white its only a matter of time.

335i-coupe-m-sport-package-in-germany.JPG 335i-coupe-m-sport-package-in-germany_2.JPG 335i-coupe-m-sport-package-in-germany_3.JPG
335i Coupe M Sport Package in Germany
335i-coupe-m-sport-package-in-germany_4.JPG 335i-coupe-m-sport-package-in-germany_5.JPG 335i-coupe-m-sport-package-in-germany_6.JPG
335i Coupe M Sport Package in Germany

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