Month: April 2019

Why You Should Ensure Regular Maintenance on your Leased Vehicle?

It is very important to maintain your leased vehicle properly. Though many customers of auto lease understand this important factor, but there are many who neglect this and suffer afterwards. Maintenance of leased vehicle is one of the important requirements of a standard agreement. These lease agreements specify who should pay for the maintenance of […]

Top Ways Motorsport Technology Has Impacted on Everyday Cars


Sometimes, the futuristic single-seater vehicles we watch whizzing around race tracks at improbable speeds seem a world away from our sensible five-door family hatchback. But in fact, many technologies we now take for granted in day-to-day motoring were first pioneered in motorsport. Here are some of the best examples. Disc brakes It’s strange to think, […]

Just like New: 5 Hacks for Removing Dents and Scratches from Your Car

Owning a vehicle can come with a wide variety of costs ranging from maintenance to unexpected damage to your car. When it comes to unexpected damage, you may not always have the money to make the repair at your local body shop. If this is the case, you may be looking at ways to damage […]

Fender Bender or Far Worse? What to Do After a Hit and Run Car Accident

Every year, about 6 million car accidents occur on U.S. roads. And up to 3 million of those involved sustain injuries. But that’s not all. The number of hit and run car accident fatalities is also on the rise – 2,049 in 2016 to be exact. That’s more than an 11% increase from 2015, and […]

What’s the best innovative in-car technology?


With every new car model, we are seeing automotive manufacturers continuously enhance modern-day models with new, innovative and improved technology that has been designed to improve our driving experience. It can also offer additional safety features, better efficiency and a whole lot more. We have seen the introduction of Apple CarPlay, cruise control, rear view […]

From Prototype to Production: 3 Things You Need to Know

Manufacturing hardware products is not an easy job, especially if you plan to launch something new in the market, as it will require several steps in between, alongside a sufficiently large budget to accommodate mistakes and missteps that often accompany the whole process. Therefore, it is important to get an actual and practical idea of […]

4 Types of Delayed Car Accident Injury Symptoms You May Not Notice Straight Away


Car accidents occur on a daily basis. Some of these accidents are minor, while others are major. Injuries like fractures and lacerations appear right away. However, there are some that do not show up right away but may take a few hours to a couple of days to appear. Getting a Medical Examination Is Important […]

Caution Is the Mother of Wisdom: 10 Defensive Driving Strategies to Prevent a Disaster

Learning the basics of defensive driving can help you to avoid crashes. Auto accidents happen, but the last thing you want to be is the cause of it. Not everyone drives well, so one more safe driver on the road is always helpful. But if something does go wrong, drivers can always find help to […]

Tire Wear – How Often Should You Really Be Changing Your Tires?


The different parts of your car each have a lifespan. You probably start looking for the best car battery prices every four years or so when you need a replacement. You may think that the useful life of your tires can be measured entirely by tread depth. However, the age of the tires also plays a […]