Day: September 12, 2018

Auto Maintenance – What To Keep in Mind?


Owning a car does come with a huge responsibility. You need to make sure your car is in its perfect shape at all times. You need to have proper auto maintenance. It will not only ensure your safety on the road but it can also improve the performance and longevity of your car. Safety is […]

The benefits of carpooling


The term carpooling is something that you’d usually associate with the United States. Across the pond, one in 10 are said to be involved in a carshare — significantly more than on our shores. The definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary is: “A group of people who travel together, especially to work or school, usually […]

How to obtain a class G driving license


If you are going to apply for a class G license, there are certain criteria that one must need to pass in order to get a full and verified license. A class G license is a type of license that allows the driver to drive any kind of vehicle, which often includes a small truck, […]