Month: May 2018

Why Is The Harley Davidson So Popular?

For years, people have loved the ideal of a motorbike. It represents so many things, and that’s part of the enduring appeal of these vehicles. However, one brand of motorcycle is well known to nearly everyone, and that’s the Harley Davidson. They’re extremely popular vehicles, and this makes them the prime choice for many. But […]

Driving tests: past, present and future


The motoring industry is changing all of the time as technology develops and more extensive safety features are added to new vehicles. But are drivers equipped for the new changes? Together with Pass N Go, a provider of driving lessons in Sunderland, we take a look at how the driving test has changed over time […]

Take the Stress Out of Auto Financing With These Helpful Tips


Have you found the ride of your dreams? Has your old car finally given out on you and you need to purchase a new one? Maybe your family has expanded and you need to trade that two-seater sports car in for a four-door sedan or minivan? Whatever your reason for wanting to buy a new […]

A Touch of Class: 5 Ways to Upgrade Your Car Exterior


We want our cars to be as unique as we are. It is both underwhelming and unoriginal to see your car parked next to a vehicle that is the same color, model, and make of yours. Some people go to someone else’s car in the parking lot only to realize that the car is not […]

Comunicat de presa SAB – Spring Edition & Street Food Park

SAB – Spring Edition & Street Food Park 2018 cel mai atractiv eveniment Auto – Motor – Sport & Street Food, 10 – 13 Mai, aleea centrala Romexpo, acces Poarta B   Deschidere oficială: Joi 10 Mai, ora 12.00, Romexpo în fața Pavilionului Central – acces Poarta B Vă invităm la deschiderea oficială și conferința de […]

Why You Should Protect Your Rights with A DUI Attorney


Over speeding or driving under the influence of drugs may lead to numerous consequences to the driver. Apart from putting yourself to risk, you may face huge penalties that will get behind bars. Do you understand your rights an individual who has been pulled over due to a traffic violation? With extensive knowledge, the process […]

How To Identify Dishonest Car Mechanics


  Whenever you take your car to a mechanic what will happen next will be based on trust. You most likely do not know much about cars so what the mechanic tells you needs to be trusted as being reality. The problem is there are many car mechanics that are not honest. Finding someone that […]

Preparing for your summer travels

When summer comes around, it’s holiday time for many Brits – with the staycation becoming increasingly popular. However, driving during the warm summer months presents its own challenges, which can sometimes cause trouble on the trip. Here, motability dealers, Lookers plc offer some summer travelling advice for travellers to keep in mind. Essential vehicle checks […]