Month: March 2018

A Guide To Buying Classic Cars


Image Source Thinking of buying a classic car? Whether you want it for personal use or investment purposes, buying a classic car isn’t something you want to rush. Taking your time to shop around and do your research could prevent you buying a vehicle cursed with faults, as well helping you to get the right […]

The rise in private parking fines


According to the RAC, 93% of drivers are backing a new bill to regulate private parking. Private parking firms currently have a bad reputation from drivers, which is believed to be down to the fact that two thirds of drivers claim they are too aggressive when collecting fines, and 84% believe fines are disproportionate to […]

How the TekmetricAuto Shop Software Can Improve Your Appointment Scheduling


According to there were 268.8 million vehicles on American roads in 2016. This means that regardless of the state you are in, your auto shop could potentially handle dozens of customers per day. Your administration team is kept busy with phone calls and walk-ins to schedule appointments for future dates. The staff must be […]

Road Rules That’ll Turn You Into A Brilliant Driver


When you passed your driving test, did you feel like you knew absolutely everything about the road? Did you feel that you could take on any kind of road situation and come out on top? Maybe you did because of the elation of finally being independent behind the wheel, but there’s a good chance you […]

The reputation of the white van over time


The white van man was and is a widely known British stereotype – but where did it originate from? Originally, white vans were chosen to transport food from location to location because they were the most efficient at keeping the produce cool before fridges were available in vans. However, now, more companies are choosing different […]

Is your car insurance still valid during a red weather warning?

In February, large parts of the UK were hit with the dreaded “beast from the east”, as unexpectedly high snowfall and frosty winds severely disrupted travel across the country. The UK’s Met Office even issued a red weather warning, its highest weather warning, for Scotland. In the wake of this warning, rumors spread that car […]

When Safety Becomes an Issue: Online Traffic Schools and How They Can Help You


It’s okay to admit that your driving technique isn’t where it needs to be. There’s still plenty of opportunity to learn, even if you’ve had your license for decades. Others among us have just made a few slip-ups that have cost us, or we’re a little rusty due to time off of the road. In […]

Give Your Car That DIY Showroom Shine


Would you like to improve the look of your car and make it shine like those brand new models in the showroom? Then you just need to take the step-by-step guide from this article and put it into practice. Giving your vehicle a DIY showroom shine is not as complicated as most people imagine, and […]

3 Things You should know Before You Buy a Used Luxury Vehicle


  Buying a used luxury car can either end up being a steal or turn into a nightmare. Used luxury cars are particularly tricky since repair costs are usually way higher and something that may seem like a simple reparation could easily end up souring the deal. However, there are a few ways that you […]

Don’t Get Left With A Lemon: The Used Car Buyer’s Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Picture here Cars, they are one of the most expensive purchases we can make, right? In fact, there are some models that you can buy new that is as much as a small house; it’s pretty crazy! However, you don’t have to spend your left savings on a vehicle, especially if you buy one second […]

Nine Most Common Car Faults and How to Deal with Them


If you regularly maintain your car, and visit your local service for a checkup, well done. However, regular service agreements are not the same, and some of the faults can be missed by your mechanic that can potentially cause a breakdown or an accident  that is not your fault. If you would like to make […]

Importance of regular maintenance of the car


Whether you own a personal vehicle or a fleet of vehicles for your business, regular service and maintenance of the same is a must. The first rule for efficient performance of the vehicle is regular maintenance and servicing of the same. An automobile consists of a number of components that work in unison in order […]