Month: February 2018

The Roads Can Be Rough For Young Drivers


Pic Source Are you just starting to learn how to drive? Perhaps you’re still young, inexperienced and only just getting to grips with how to handle your vehicle on the roads. As it turns out, this is just the start of the issues that you’re going to face. Young drivers are always going to face […]

The Backup Plans Every Driver Should Have In Place

driving-car When it comes to being on the road, not everything will go to plan. Even when you have a car that you love, that you know is in a great condition, and that shouldn’t experience any issues, you can find that things to wrong. Because everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes they will be mistakes that […]

How The Future Of Driving Is Changing


Driving is something we bet you take for granted. You don’t realise the luxury you have of being able to jump in your car and drive wherever you want. To not have to rely on public transport to get to where you need to go, or a lift from someone you know. Or even worse… […]

3 Dumb Driver Mistakes Sure to Lead to an Accident


Image Credit: Pexels You would have thought that given people have to pass a test to drive, they would know not to do stupid things while they are behind the wheel. And yet, considering the number of avoidable accidents that occur each year, this is evidently not true at all. Everyone has done something stupid […]

Cheap Car Tuning – What to Look Out For

So, you attended traffic school online to get a great rate on your auto insurance, and now… something’s wrong with your car. It’s always something, right? Some people can tell exactly what’s wrong with an automobile and get it fixed on sound alone. They’ll tell you precisely what it means when you hear something that sounds […]

How To Choose The Safest Car


Pxhere Putting your safety first should be at the top of your concerns when looking for a new car. The sad truth is that you can be the best, safest driver out there, following all the rules of the road, and still find yourself in an accident due to someone else not paying attention. That’s […]

Highways Without Crashes: Is It A Pipe Dream?


Picture Via Flickr Since the very first years that there were cars on the roads, many people have wondered whether there will be a time when accidents and car crashes are worries of the past. They dream of a future where you can travel on the road without panicking that you might not make it […]

Properly Budgeting for a Car – Expenses Beyond Insurance


When people are buying a car, especially first time buyers they can be optimistic about what it’s actually going to cost them per year. After all, there are so many adverts out there with the slogan ‘just add fuel’ touting how cheap it is to drive away in a new vehicle. However, people should be […]

The Responsibilities Of Owning A Car

Image If you are buying your own car for the first time, it’s often very easy to get caught up in all the bright and shiny lights and buy impulsively, or get persuaded into buying something that you didn’t necessarily need. So that’s why it’s very important that you remain on the ball at all […]

Junk Your Ride: 8 Reasons to Junk Your Old Car for Cash


If you have an old vehicle sitting in your driveway, or one that needs a lot of work and doesn’t run well, you could give these junk cars to a local junk yard and earn some cash for this pile of metal that no longer works right. However, sometimes people need a little bit of persuading […]

The Biggest Problems On The Roads Today


All drivers need to be aware of the kind of conditions they are facing when they go out on the roads every day. The truth is that there are countless problems which you are likely to encounter, and your best defense in many ways is being aware and prepared of what you might have to […]

The Ford EcoSport SUV: Smart, Elegant, Powerful

Image Credit: Flickr Since the first foray into the automobile, Ford has always been at the forefront of design and technology. The Ford is synonymous with freedom, taking the car to greater heights with every incarnation. The Ford EcoSport SUV is no exception. While many cars may like to compete with the Ford, it’s history […]