Day: August 1, 2017

Top 2017 Car Picks: Safety Category


Let’s face it, safety is important. No one would ever get in a car and go anywhere if we thought that every time we did, it could be a matter of life and death, although it can often be that way. Instead, we think most about safety when we are researching and buying a car […]

Here’s Why You Need Your Cell Phone To Drive


New legislation means that cell phones and mobile devices in cars are being outlawed. And, so they should because people that use phones while they drive put other people in danger. However, having a cell in the car and using it to send a text message or talk on the phone are two different things. […]

The Future Is Amazing: Why Your Next Car Needs To Be A Volvo


Image source There was a time when Volvo’s were celebrated by a very unattractive clique of consumers: boring, middle-aged, middle-class white men who considered an evening playing bridge at the local country club as a raucous night out. What’s more, they always seemed to get there Volvo in that rather disgusting, prosthetic limb colour that […]