Day: July 11, 2017

Why The Toyota Prius 2017 Is A Must Buy


There have been scenes in a few movies over the past few years where a particular type of car has been the butt of many jokes. It’s the humble Toyota Prius. On the face of it, this innovative car is hardly a show stealer, but when we focus on the car – we come to […]

Teaching Your Child To Drive: The Facts


It seems like only yesterday that your child was wheeling their toy cars across the carpet in your living room as you stumbled over the array of fire trucks, police cars, and the generic sports cars to change the channel on the TV. Fast forward a dozen or so years and your child is now […]

Don’t Grind Your Gears Over These Common Car Scams

Pixabay Buying or selling a car should be a straightforward business, right? You just go to your local car showroom and pick a car that suits you best, pay your money, and then leave. Similarly, selling a car is easy too – just place an advert in your local newspaper and then wait for someone […]