Month: July 2017

Disputing A False Claim Of Liability In A Car Crash


Getting a car accident, will initially be a shock to the senses. Your body will be pumping adrenaline around your system to prevent you from going into shock or panicking. A situation can turn from making sure everybody is safe and sound, to a roadside dispute that can launch into a tirade. Being accused of […]

Britain Banning Petrol Vehicles

New plans emerge in Britain for all diesel and petrol vehicles to stop production from 2040 onwards. Part of the governments clean air plan, rising levels of nitrogen oxide are engulfing our planet and threatening our future. Ministers believe that this pollution is the highest risk to public health. However, could it be too late […]

Top Tips for New Drivers

Buy the right car For a new driver, cars can be expensive on top of insurance. You need to find a reliable used car garage like Georgesons Cars, to make sure you are getting a great deal on your first car. Also think about getting a black box installed to lower insurance further. Get to […]

Breaking down UK road laws and their level of enforcement

The following is a list of figures and statistics covering various UK road laws, as well as an explanation of the law in question, as researched by Van Monster. The law Rule 148: Drivers in England and Wales must not smoke or allow anyone to smoke when in an enclosed private vehicle should someone under […]

The 3 Steps To The After-Accident

Picture Credit Nobody ever comes to expect it, and it’s one of the things that most car users are actively trying to avoid – but getting into accidents is part of the unfortunate everyday life that a small percentage of drivers have to face at some point in their driving career. While it’s not something […]

Why you should consider car leasing for your business fleet

Car leasing for businesses, or Business Contract Hire as it is otherwise known, allows companies to lease cars for their staff. It is a cheaper alternative to buying cars outright for employees’ use and packs a number of benefits. What is Business Contract Hire? Business Contract Hire is essentially a credit agreement between a business […]

The issues with road potholes


Potholes are a problem that all drivers are aware of – a problem that won’t seem to go away and one which causes serious issues for some drivers. Figures from a new report by the RAC reveal that the organisation dealt with over 6,500 breakdown jobs between January and March 2017 which were likely attributable […]

Car Leasing vs Buying: Which Option is Better?

The purchase of a new car, truck, or other vehicle is a serious commitment. For most people, a car is only surpassed by a mortgage in terms of the cost of the investment, making it very important that you select the right car and the right terms. Ultimately, different people may have life situations that […]

Luxury Cars Are Expensive To Own? Myth!

Link Every car lover would love to get their hands of a Mercedes or a Porsche, but one thing gets in the way. That one thing is the expense of owning a luxury vehicle because they are costly, right? No, that isn’t always the case. In the past, a Ferrari or a Lamborghini would set […]

Analysing key digital trends in the automotive industry


Award-winning digital marketing agency Mediaworks has created its Driving Digital: The Digital Forecast white paper to analyse the key digital trends to expect in the automotive industry in the months to come. There has already been record growth recorded in the UK’s car market so far in 2017. Compared to 2015, the number of new […]

Why Everyone Should Own One Fancy Car In Their Lifetime


Pexels If you hae never owned a fancy car before – you should, even if it’s just a once in a lifetime thing – even if you don’t plan on keeping it forever! Just the experience itself of going through the process of choosing whatever beauty you want and saying “That one.” Is an incredible […]

5 reasons to drive a Range Rover Evoque

Ever since it made its way on to the driving scene back in 2011, the Evoque has been turning heads. Here we look at the top five reasons to drive one. It looks like a Range Rover The Evoque may be somewhat smaller than a standard Range Rover model, but it stills looks like one. […]