Month: May 2017

3 small Jeep models that provide a lot of features for the money

There is no doubt that when it comes to cars, small Jeep models are becoming the trend today. First of all, these crossovers are a perfect solution to the increasing traffic and tighter road space due to the massive periodic increase of cars worldwide. It allows the driver to simply maneuver from tight spaces even […]

Breaking down UK road laws and their level of enforcement


The following is a list of figures and statistics covering various UK road laws, as well as an explanation of the law in question, as researched by Van Monster. The law Rule 148: Drivers in England and Wales must not smoke or allow anyone to smoke when in an enclosed private vehicle should someone under […]

Leaving Your Car At Home: Alternatives To Driving


(image: wikipedia) Having the freedom and convenience of owning a car is something many of us appreciate.  Be it for the daily commute to work, dropping the kids off at school, or simply driving somewhere for the pleasure of it; our car can be a real pleasure. However, there are times when it can be […]

Albrecht Hertz. Aristocrat with Great Taste

Not all designers can create a great car, but all car designers are able to create a lot of beautiful things, except cars. Albrecht Hertz was born in 1914 in the family of a wealthy German count. Being in his position, you could not particularly worry about your future and devote yourself to any interesting […]

5 Hot Aftermarket Upgrades for Your Truck in 2017


Some people just refuse to let their cars go boring weeks and months after rolling it off the store. Truck upgrades of different variety thrive from this perspective and on its own created a market patronized by many truck lovers around the globe. For first-time truck owners, upgrades of every kind and type can be […]

Cars of the Future: The Technology Will Blow Your Mind

The cars of 2017 are safer and more manoeuvrable than ever before, however that doesn’t mean that they can’t keep getting better.  Car technology is advancing at the speed of light, and with that comes some pretty cool changes to the way we drive.  I’m sure you’re already fully aware of the autonomous driving technology […]

Simple Modifications That Can Transform Your Car’s Performance


You don’t need to be a car enthusiast to carry out some relatively simple performance upgrades. As well as basic maintenance of your vehicle, you can improve the handling, engine power, stopping capability and over feel by doing a few basic but worthwhile replacement of individual parts. You won’t always need a mechanic to install […]

The Costs Of Modifying Your Car


Image Source A lot of people view their car in simply utilitarian terms. It is a vehicle (in the truest sense of the word) which they use for nothing more than getting from one place to another. Once that has been accomplished, that person may give no more thought to their car beyond their desire […]

Driving the UK’s standout countryside routes


The UK is packed with a wide variety of picturesque sights that need to be seen to be admired. To ensure you see the best that the country has to offer, take a look at this guide of the UK’s standout countryside routes, compiled by luxurious Audi dealership Vindis: Buttertubs Pass Area of the UK: Yorkshire […]

Top jobs within the automobile industry for car enthusiasts


If you would love to work with cars for a living, you are not alone. There are thousands of people that would do anything to get a job in the automobile industry. Many of them succeed as well, as there are many positions that need to be filled. It all depends on what you are […]

Ouch! A Car Accident Can Damage Everything

Fortuner 4x4

A wet road, a dog that suddenly runs in front of the car, a light that blinds you in the incoming traffic, whatever the reason, car accidents happen. With over 1.3  million of death in road crashes every year in the USA, there is no denying that car accidents are an everyday risk. Unfortunately, like […]

What Are The Most Important Questions To Ask Yourself As A Driver?

In theory, driving is simply about getting from point A to point B. In reality, though, we all know that there’s far more to it than that. Your car, and the relationship you share with it, is something that will influence your life on a daily basis. With this in mind, it’s imperative that you […]