Month: February 2017

The Lexus Just Topped the Vehicle Dependability Study for the 6th Straight Year

A PR Newswire release dated from Feb. 22, 2017 announced the good news—Toyota’s Lexus brand is once again at the top of the JD Power Vehicle Dependability Study, making this the sixth year in a row that the luxury brand has received the honor. In all, Toyota wound up with 10 of the 18 category […]

Preventative Maintenance: 5 Common Car Problems and How to Avoid Them


Keeping your vehicle operating is a major concern for many people who depend on their car to get to work, pick up children from school and other important functions. Unfortunately, cars develop mechanical problems that can cause them to break down at the worst possible time. Here are some of the common car problems that […]

Motorparks sets out its essential pre-MOT checklist


Under recently announced government proposals, new cars could be allowed on British roads for four years before they require an MOT — a rise from the current three-year limit. Transport Minister Andrew Jones explained: “We have some of the safest roads in the world and MOT tests play an important role in ensuring the standard of […]

Into Old Cars? 3 Tips For Tasteful Restorations


Restoring an antique car is one of the most satisfying and potentially lucrative activities for you to explore. Bringing old cars back to their optimum condition requires commitment, research, hard work, professional assistance, and lots of personal involvement. Whether you are a collector of classic vehicles or someone who appreciates the auto engineering of a […]

Useful information for car owners – the most unsafe areas of London


Car safety is one of the main issues, people worry about and it is not strange. If your vehicle is not secure enough, you may experience very unpleasant or even frustrating and stressful situations. A large number of British Population is a victim to car theft, where they lose their valuables and also large amounts […]

Gamechanging Apps for People Who Are Addicted to Driving


It doesn’t matter whether you are considered a petrolhead or a motorhead the meaning is the same, you love your car and will resist all other forms of transport when you have the chance to get behind the wheel of your treasured automobile. If this sounds like you and you can’t get enough of all […]

How to Look After Your Lease Car


If you’re leasing a vehicle you actually have more of a responsibility and an incentive to look after it than you do if you buy it. You don’t own the car in any legal sense, and so you’re obliged to return it to the leasing company at the end of the term in a good […]

Your Maintenance Questions Answered

For many of us, even those who are total auto-nuts, cars are one big mystery. We know roughly which components do what, and the routine things we need to avoid to keep it running. However, when it comes to any actual maintenance, things can quickly become confusing. Here, I’ve listed some of the most common […]

5 Important Rules to Follow to Drive Safer

Traffic Safety Laws

Safe driving is all about being prepared, knowing what to expect, and being able to exert control over your car. While your skills as a driver are definitely going to play a part in that, it is important to remember that you aren’t the only one on the road and sometimes skills alone aren’t enough. […]

7 Things You Should Check Every Time You Get on a Motorcycle


Getting into the habit of conducting a quick pre-ride check of your motorcycle is certainly advisable. Not only is it a sound policy on the safety front, but it will also help you avoid unwanted fines for faults. Most new riders aren’t exactly sure what they should be looking for when they check their motorcycle […]

Are Car Crashes About To Be Extinct?


Credit Source If you’ve kept up to date with news from the tech industry and the car industry, you’ll know that the two have been colliding in truly spectacular ways. Technology is improving everything about driving from how easy it is to unlock a car to the little features that make it comfortable. These days, […]

Driving Theory Test FAQ


When learning to drive, the driving theory test is a very important part of the journey. After all, you will need to pass it before you’re allowed to take the practical driving test. Make sure you know everything about this vital test by reading through this comprehensive driving theory test FAQ put together by Pass […]