Month: January 2017

Buying Your First XJ

Jaguar XJ

Image: Wikimedia When anyone brings up luxury saloons in conversation, it’s only a matter of time before someone mentions the Jaguar XJ. The sheer elegance and reliability of these models, not to mention the massive prestige of the badge, has made the XJ one of the most sought-after cars in recent history. If you’ve finally […]

Great Mods For A Gnarlier Pickup


From Wikimedia The pickup truck is a staple of North American culture, and I’m sure you’ll agree there’s no other type of vehicle with such a great combination of practicality and sheer fun! If you’ve recently bought a pickup, I’m sure you don’t want it looking, sounding and driving like all the others on the […]

Surprise Findings in Motoring Survey

The car has become one of the most useful transportation techniques nowadays. That is why when something happens to it you know that urgent matter must be taken immediately. Several things can affect your car: from a chipped windscreen to a bad oil or a broken bulb. In this situation you need to know that […]

Why do you need a locksmith for a car key-replacement?


Keys have gone through so many years of transition and the latest models of cars use different mechanisms to control features in the vehicle. The BMW 7-series’ key comes with a full colour touch screen, Tesla Model S key looks like the car itself and has controls to summon the car, while the Ferrari with […]

New Cars for 2017- What you can look forward to


2017 is gearing up to be another exciting year with cars that range from Hyundai’s Genesis brand to the new pickup from Honda. Car enthusiasts can look forward to the best cars that include the Audi A6, Ford Fiesta, BMW 3 Series and so much more. 2016 was certainly a good year for the automobile […]

New Engine Technologies

With all the talk about hybrid and electric cars, you would think that the reign of the gasoline engine is coming to a close.  While it’s true that the hybrids and electric cars have exciting futures ahead of them, the vast majority of cars sold in the US are still gasoline-powered.  And it is likely […]

How Turn Signals Work


Turn signals were developed over a hundred years ago to solve a serious problem: to indicate what direction a motor vehicle is intending to travel. To state the obvious, when other drivers knew what direction a nearby vehicle was going, it made it easier to avoid driving into it. This was advantageous. Today turn signals […]

Understanding Traction Control


Traction control systems are available on many cars today yet few people know how they work. If that describes you, don’t be too upset, the manufacturers don’t do a very good job of explaining it. The first thing to know is that traction control systems do not increase traction. Consider when you are stuck in the […]

HPI Checks Explained: Understanding the Issues They Might Uncover


‘HPI check’ is a term that most motorists will be familiar with, but many have only the vaguest understanding of what such a process entails. The letters stand for ‘historic to present information’, and the aim of the test is to give you as much detail as possible on the backstory of any potential purchase. […]

How Tires Are Made


The tires on your car perform a function that is far more critical than most people think.  They are all that separates your car – a 4500 lb steel cage moving fast with people inside – from the road surface.  Not only that, the brand and type of tires on your car will affect the […]

Four Things You Can Do To Help Your Engine

Your average car owner doesn’t spend time thinking about the engine in their car. They just hop into it, turn the key and hit the road. There’s nothing to be concerned about, unless you start to hear odd sounds coming from under the hood. Then it’s time to time to start thinking about the engine. […]

More Power for Little Money

There is a simple modification that you can perform on your car that will yield you considerably more horsepower. This modification involves removing your existing air filter and installing a device called a Cold Air Intake. How much more horsepower, you ask? The actual amount will vary from car to car, of course, but experts […]