Day: May 16, 2016

The resurging US auto market


Recession finally loses hold over motor vehicle market The recession of 2008 had a drastic impact on the amount of auto loans which were approved after the financial crisis but now the motor vehicle market has recovered the losses which was incurred. The same thing cannot be said for the mortgage industry where the situation […]

US vehicle sales at an all-time high


The best sales in more than a decade The US motor vehicle market finds itself in a situation where the amount of outstanding motor vehicle debt is now exceeding the amount of $1 trillion. There are several contributing factors such as the fact that the average payment for new vehicles is just under $500 which […]

What US vehicle buyers should know


Relatively low interest rates The US consumer find himself in a situation where interest rates is somewhat lower than they were in recent years which should help to avoid unnecessary defaults when it comes to the payment of debts. In recent times the interest rates which is charged on new-car loans which stretches over a […]

Taking Your Car Abroad? Read This


Taking your car abroad requires you to jump through a few hoops to make sure everything is above board and accounted for. This post takes a look at the things you’ll need to do to take your car with you out of your home country. The rules and regulations for taking your car abroad will […]

How to Choose the Perfect Car to Modify

Ever since some of the first Ford automobiles were being released in their hundreds, drivers have been customising their vehicles. Whether it’s just to make it look good or to improve its performance on the road, there are all sorts of ways you can modify your car. Advancements in technology mean that there are now […]