Month: May 2016

Had A Car Crash? Here’s What You Should Do


Image: Driving enhances our daily lives unlike anything else. Whether you use the car for work, family life or daily chores hardly matters. Have a vehicle makes modern life a whole lot easier, and it’s hard to imagine what we’d do without those trusty motors. Sadly, though, the roads can be dangerous. Over 50 million […]

Infographic: The History of the Black Cab


The Black Cab is an important part of automotive history. The Hackney cab and related legislation has evolved massively over the years, with things like petrol power being introduced in 1903 and bad language being policed as early as the 1700s. Source: Car Keys

Decoding Your VIN Number


A VIN number gives you unique information about your car. The information includes manufacturer identifiers, vehicle descriptors, check digit, model year, plant code, and production sequence numbers. Because each car has a unique VIN number, you can look up your VIN number and find out information pertaining specifically to your car. What information can you […]

BMW Performance Parts Upgrades: Get the Best Out of Your Bimmer with These Tips

If you had to select a car that provided you with the speed and performance of a race car, but the overall style and features of a luxury car, what brands would come to mind? Chances are BMW is high on the list. Whether you have a BMW 3, 5, 7 or M series, it […]

The Best Road Trip Cars Have These Qualities

There are few greater feelings in life than driving in the glorious sunshine, surrounded by your nearest and dearest. If this sounds like your dream kind of summer holiday, then you are by no means alone. A road trip is in many ways the ideal summer getaway. The great thing about a road trip is […]

The Ultimate Van-Buyer’s Guide


The buy or not to buy? That is the question. But it’s an issue for van buyers that gets trickier and trickier the more you think about it. When purchasing a van, there are so many considerations, sometimes it can be hard to keep track of everything. Not to worry. We’ve put together the ultimate […]

Motoring Costs Calculator from Motorparks

less fuel

Motoring Costs Calculator is an online tool, launched by British car dealership Motorparks, and is aimed at motorists looking to discover the running costs of their current car is costing them, as well as drivers in the market for a new car but with a set budget in mind. While using the calculator takes minutes, the […]

Upcoming Trends in Car Technology


Many big players in the automobile industry have been trying to incorporate new computer technology into cars over the past years. If you are a car enthusiast, then these trends would definitely be of interest to you. Here are some of the most popular trends that the future has in stored for us in the […]

Vindis Group – Article for outreach – Audi’s new technology

Audi has been synonymous with high-quality, exciting road vehicles for 106 years. The German brand, known for its ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ slogan, which translates to ‘Advancement through technology’, has some of the of the bestselling luxury automobiles in the world. So what advancements have been made by Audi through technology in recent years?  With new […]

The BMW M2 vs. the M4: Which is Better?


In many ways, choosing between a BMW M2 and an M4 should be something of a no-brainer. After all, the M4 is marketed as a premium upgrade of the M2 model, and one that boasts considerably more power and acceleration. We should not always believe everything we are told, however, and the fact remains that […]

What To Do When You’re In A Car Accident


Getting into a car accident is something that no one enjoys. Not only does it throw your day off, but you then have to deal with damage to your car, and there may have even been injuries as a result of the accident. It is not always possible to avoid getting into car accidents, and […]

The resurging US auto market


Recession finally loses hold over motor vehicle market The recession of 2008 had a drastic impact on the amount of auto loans which were approved after the financial crisis but now the motor vehicle market has recovered the losses which was incurred. The same thing cannot be said for the mortgage industry where the situation […]