Day: March 25, 2016

Applying Custom Decals to Your Car or Truck


Custom decals can really jazz up your vehicle and you don’t need to pay a professional to put them on your car or truck. It’s definitely a DIY-level project if you are handy. Think you might be interested?  Here’s a guide to installing them. 1 – First, give your car or truck a through washing.  […]

The Michigan Madman


As most people who the biggest name in motorcycle stunt events is and they will likely say Evel Knievel.  Yet there were others that toured the country doing outrageous things with motorcycles that caught quite a bit of press at the time.  One of these is E.J. Potter, also known as “The Michigan Madman” and […]

6 Tire Hacks That Could Save You Money

Most people neglect their tires.  That’s too bad because with a little love and attention, you can assure your tires are safe to drive on and you can save a lot of money.  With that mission in mind, here are some “hacks” that you can use to save your hard earned money and reduce your […]

The Best 1950s Cars to Restore


Have you always dreamed of restoring a 1950s classic car?  Not to many years ago, the cars of the 50s weren’t considered great restoration material because they just weren’t terribly valuable when finished. Well, those days a long gone.  Certain cars of the 1950s are quite valuable today when finished and, as a result, are […]

The Best 1960s Cars to Restore

INot too many years ago, the cars of the 1960s weren’t considered true classic cars, and, as a result, the demand for them just wasn’t there. Well, those days are in the past.  Certain cars of the 1960s are quite desirable today, in particular the “muscle cars”, and are in big demand as restored and […]

How to increase your car’s gas mileage

Doing things to increase the gas mileage of your car pays off immediately. And the basic concept is simple: you will spend less money on gas if you increase your car’s efficiency in using it. Here’s a few techniques that you can apply right away. Inflate your tires to the proper pressure – Properly inflated […]