Day: February 11, 2016

Safety Check-O-Meter for Your Tires in 2016


The tires of your car or truck are the main point of contact between the vehicle and the road and hence, play a crucial role in determining the performance of the steam. Your vehicle might be backed by a high-voltage engine and the latest engineering, but you still can’t expect robust results if you are […]

Infographic: What does your car say about you?


I love one car brand, you love another brand… it is normal to have different preferences. Motorparks has looked at research, and created an infographic showing what your choice of car really does say about you.  

Infographic: Police Car Top Trumps

Opel Ampera Green Police Car

A fun infographic comparing some of the fastest, coolest and just plain craziest police cars on the planet. After reading this I’m sure many of you will see how you could join the Dubai Police. Some of their, we assume more senior officers, get to drive some of the most impressive police cars on the […]